Ratchet Dolls release lyric video for single “Parasite”

Ratchet Dolls release lyric video for single “Parasite”

Texan rockers Ratchet Dolls consisting of Kevin Sauceda (lead vocals, lead guitar), Eliseo Moreno (bass, backing vocals) and Robert Mendoza (drums, backing vocals) have released a lyric video for their new single “Parasite.”

TAG Publicity‘s press release indicates (with slight edits):

“Brownsville, TX rock band Ratchet Dolls has released a new single titled “Parasite” through independent label, EarRiot Records. From catchy vocal chants to groovy riffs and ripping solos, “Parasite” introduces a new sound to the band that will cater to both current and fresh listeners across the rock spectrum.”

Although the song has a very uplifting feel, the lyrics themselves are rather dark. “Parasite!” speaks to us from the perspective of a person who’s mental health has deteriorated from trying to meet the standards of a non-committed partner. One-sided relationships can lead to vulnerability… My goal is to try to help prevent others from having to walk that road; even if it’s just one person.”  – Kevin Sauceda, Ratchet Dolls

Ratchet Dolls‘ “Parasite” lyric video:

Ratchet Dolls – Parasite! (Official Lyric Video)

Ratchet Dolls – Parasite! (Official Lyric Video)🎵 Stream/Download here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ratchetdolls1/parasite-2Recorded & Pre-Mixed by Ke…