Ratt Completing Guitar Tracks For New CD


July 1, 2009

Warren De Martini and Carlos Cavazo are back in Virginia to complete guitar tracks and solos for the new RATT release. It’s been ten years since the last RATT studio album (CD) and the band is back to it’s original way and format of RATT music circa 1983-1985.

Stephen will start on lead vocals most likely after the RATT/Extreme shows for the twelve songs recorded.

Pearcy says, “This music is exactly what’s expected, and a whole lot more! This is RATT music at it’s best”. The band is writing together without any outside writers, (the best RATT songs came from the band members) and this time RATT music will do the talking. “It kicks f*&kin ass”!

The “RATT 2009 Tour” kicks off in Norman, Oklahoma at ROCKLAHOMA, where RATT will headline Friday night. Shows with Extreme to follow.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.myspace.com/therattpack