Ratt Heading To Sweden Rock Festival


March 5, 2008

Ratt, Satyricon, Apocalyptica, Black Stone Cherry and Sir Lord Baltimore have been announced to appear at the massive Sweden Rock Festival.


One of the 80s’ biggest, most important, most legendary bands from the glam-spiced L.A.-scene! And at the same time, their contemporaries respected Ratt as a “true” metalband, like their colleagues in Motley Crue and W.A.S.P. After having spent several years feeding the world classic metal anthems like “Round and Round” and “Lay It Down”, vocalist Stephen Pearcy decided to pull the plug on Ratt in the early 90s. The band decided to start anew without him some years later, which created a severe rift between both parties that has now finally been repaired. So it is indeed a Ratt fronted by its classic singer Stephen Pearcy that the audience at SRF will finally get to see and hear – unbridled cheering and an unbeatable atmosphere is guaranteed!

We recommend: “Out of the Cellar”, “Invasion of Your Privacy”, “Detonator”.


Four classically trained cellists performing Metallica covers exclusively! Rarely, if ever, has hard rock seen such a peculiar concept. But Finnish band Apocalyptica caused a sensation when “Plays Metallica By Four Cellos” arrived in 1996, and to the delight of many the band proved themselves more than capable to remain at the top even as the covers were gradually phased out by self-written material on their setlists and albums. Their two latest releases “Reflections” and “Apocalyptica”; number four and five respectively; consist exclusively of original compositions, and public interest is probably bigger today than ever. Today Apocalyptica consists of three cellists and a drummer – we guarantee that you never heard or saw anything like it. But you already knew that, if you are indeed an Apocalyptica fan.

We recommend: “Cult”, “Reflections”, “Apocalyptica”.


Satyricon, who debuted with “Dark Medieval Times” in 1993, are one of the classic Norwegian black metal-bands. The band, which core consists of frontman Satyr and drummer Frost (a skilled musician, often seen behind the kit in other bands as well, 1349 and Keep of Kalessin to name two), is a finely honed liveact that includes both old classics as well as newer material in their setlists. Speaking of classics: Satyricon became one of the first black metal-bands to do a proper video, for the song “Mother North” off the “Nemesis Divina”-album. The video became an instant “hit” (as far as a black metal-song could be called a hit back in 1996) among fans. A monumental, grand, yet very aggressive song significant for Norwegian black metal in general, and Satyricon in particular. Satyricon has developed their style from album to album, but still keeping their sound intact, never betraying what they set out to create: black metal with a high level of ambition.


Black Stone Cherry consists of four young guys from Edmonton in the middle of dry county Kentucky. So what to do then, if not learn how to play and form a band? Something the guys definitely were right in doing. On their self-entitled debut they have produced a highly successful mix of blues based seventies sounding hard rock, AC/DC stomping groove and a slightly modern touch. Singer Chris Robertson has a great rough edged mature voice which puts the fine icing on the dirty cake. They have, despite only having released one album, a great live reputation, delivering 100 %. As they say themselves: “We’re a straight-ahead, in-your-face rock & roll band that tells the truth and sometimes stretches it beyond the imagination”.


In 1971 Mike Saunders of Creem Magazine wrote: “Sir Lord Baltimore seems to have pat down most all the best heavy metal tricks in the book”. This is the first time the term “heavy metal” was ever documented in its correct context. When you listen to the band’s debut “Kingdom Come” (1970) you will understand the true meaning of the term. The raw, brutal guitar and bass playing, with John’s energetic drumming and soulful desperate vocals as the icing on the cake, it’s definitely synonymous with heavy metal. On the self-titled follow-up they went for a slightly different sound, much heavier in songs like “Woman Tamer” and “Ceasar LXXI”, but also more varied like the suite “Man From Manhattan”. After these two album the band disappeared into obscurity and became something of a myth. Until suddenly John Garner appeared as singer in The Lizards. The band also did a cover of Sir Lord Baltimore’s “Kingdom Come”, and John came to know there was quite a big demand for a reunion of the band. He took matter into hands and released the album “Sir Lord Baltimore III – Raw” last year, featuring re-recordings of old unreleased tracks. Unfortunately John’s old companions have either put their instruments in the closet or devoted their time to other things. However, as John was 2/4 of the band’s sound, he has now got a new guitarist and bass player and will revive the old heavy metal beast. Prepare yourselves to finally get to hear classic tracks like “Pumped Up”, “Hellhound”, “Woman Tamer” and “Kingdom Come” live!

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