Ratt replace bassist Scott Griffin with prior member Robbie Crane

Ratt replace bassist Scott Griffin with prior member Robbie Crane

The Bobby Blotzer led Ratt group has announced that it will be replacing bassist Scott Griffin with Robbie Crane who is rejoining the band. Crane played with Ratt from 1996 to 2012 and played on the group’s last two studio albums, Ratt (1999) and Infestation (2010).

Robbie Crane photoBlotzer posted the following message on Ratt‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Hi Ratt world:

Bobby Blotzer here, along with lead vocalist Josh Alan, guitar Rattman Doc Ellis, Lead guitarist Nicholas ( Blaze ) Baum.

We welcome back long time beloved bassist Robbie Crane to The Ratt family.
Also returning are Ratt long timers, Craig Bradford Ratt Tour Manager, and James Wood, Front of house sound engineer.

It’s so nice to have the old boys in with Ratt ( New Generation ) players.
Man we have a lot of work coming our way and hope to be hitting a venue near you soon. Robbie‘s first show will be in Tampa Florida April 1st, @ Fergs.

Then we play a festival in sunrise Florida on April 3rd Markham Park, with Paul Rodgers.

IMG_2650As for our friend Scotty Griffin, we obviously want only great things for him as he deserves. He was super fun to gig with and will always be in our hearts.

There are so many shows stacking it’s just terribly exciting and adding Robbie Crane back is naturally just like slipping into an old missed pair of spandex…..


Peace and Love to ya’s,


Blotzer also spoke out on Ratt‘s Facebook page (posted in part) eleven days ago about the group’s former tour manager Jason‘s exit from the band:

“A post from Bobby Blotzer:

Hi Ratt N Rollers:

I’m coming to you guys on here to say hello with a couple quick updates…

One last bit of info,
This guys, is kind of a bummer to have to include but I kind of have to a little bit.
Everybody has worked with a job that hasn’t worked out for yourself or for the people that you work for. Over the years we in Ratt have employed hundreds and hundreds of people. Some stay for years some leave on other tours when ours ends, some have to go at times for one reason or another.

Ratt photoBut as I have had to be the guy that has to say to someone at different times,
I’m sorry but this has run its course.
As I have had the unfortunate task in doing recently , well actually on January 24th
In Iowa to be exact. But the person who worked as Ratt‘s Tour manager, sent me a text today asking or I would say as to how I took it, acknowledging the hard fact.

He’s sadly taken this publicly and clearly and sadly is not taking it well. It’s not a great time for him and he in my opinion and guess thought the other 7 warnings just went over his head. But his attack on myself and Ratt are just uncalled for, and laden with lies.

I’m assuming that some of the Grudge sites will spread this kind of garbage and they couldn’t care less if it was true or not.
I’m a very compassionate person and what is being spewed from him , I just feel sad and embarrassed for him. He’s going thru a personal struggle and I understand he’s not in a clarity position. So good luck Jason and We wish you the best.

We look forward to bringing back Ratt‘s long time Tour manager Craig Bradford
And look him up at the show for your Coors light Conduit!!”