Ratt Returns To The Sunset Strip – Webisode 1

Ratt Returns To The Sunset Strip – Webisode 1

May 1, 2010

Eleven years have passed since Ratt’s last album, and over 25 years have gone by since the band first started out on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Now, with the crushing return-to-form album Infestation out on April 20th, the band has come full circle to play their highly anticipated record release show on the famed strip where they started. An epic event with a red carpet, high profile guests and a sold out crowd, we documented the rockin’ Ratt N’ Roll experience in 5 parts.

Says guitarist Warren DeMartini, “It marks sort of a new chapter for the band,” as drummer Bobby Blotzer adds, “There’s definitely a lot of joy in the audience, with Ratt being an LA band there’s that feeling that we’re their band.”

Watch below to see part 1 of the footage from the show, get your copy of Infestation HERE, and stay tuned for more webisodes from the event coming soon.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.roadrunnerrecords.com