Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy To Introduce ‘Detonator’ Hot Sauce

Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy To Introduce ‘Detonator’ Hot Sauce

July 15, 2011

Ratt's Stephen Pearcy To Introduce 'Detonator' Hot SauceRatt vocalist Stephen Pearcy, being a connoisseur of hot sauces and always looking for the next fresh taste, has partnered with High River Sauces to bring you two new flavors for your table. Prepare your taste buds for the ultimate hot sauce and BBQ sauces — ‘Detonator’ Hot Sauce and ‘The Kill’ BBQ Sauce, made from Chris Santos on behalf of High River Sauces.

‘Detonator’ is a hot sauce to surely light your fuse — perfect for chips or anything that needs to be lit up. ‘The Kill’ is a tangy BBQ sauce to compliment any dish on the dinner table or off the barbie.

Expect these legendary sauces soon at stores and restaurants near you.

Pearcy says, “I’ve always lit up my meals and couldn’t find the right hot sauce to fire me up, same with the BBQ sauces. I spoke with Chris Santos, and along with High River Sauces took my ideas and created the ultimate in the two sauces. ‘Unreal heat, taste and flavor’. We’re at the last stage before the debut, the FDA.”

Stephen Pearcy is currently working on a solo album entitled ‘Sucker Punch’ and has been selling preview tracks from the upcoming CD on iTunes.

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