Razorbats’ new album ‘Hit Crazy’ available on March 3rd

Razorbats’ new album ‘Hit Crazy’ available on March 3rd

Norwegian rockers Razorbats consisting of lead vocalist Paul E. Vercouteren, guitarists Kjetil F. Wevling and Asle Tangen, basist Martin Korsgaard Hervig and drummer Christian Håpnes Svendsen will be releasing their new studio album Hit Crazy on March 3, 2023.

Track List for Hit Crazy:
01. (Maybe It’s Time To” Break Up The Band
02. Only In America
03. Atomic
04. Shotgun America
05. Edie
06. Love Is For Suckers
07. Scandinavian Girls
08. Damn, She Looks Good
09. Kiss Me
10. Seventeen

Razorbats‘ press release indicates (with slight edits):

“Two years after their critically acclaimed «Mainline Rock ’N’ Roll», Razorbats return with their finest offering so far! Razorbats in true 70s style always have themes for their albums, and this one is no different. This time we explore how relationships are affected by being in a rock ’n roll band. The good, the bad and the stupid!

The journey opens with the scandi-rock anthem “(Maybe It’s Time To) Break Up The Band”, which sets the stage nicely for the rest of the album. We visit the disco for cocaine-fueled night of debauchery in “Atomic”, get tempted by groupies in “Only In America”, get stuck in a bad relationship in “Shotgun Wedding” and finish with the beautiful ballad “Seventeen” where we reflect on why we chose this life to begin with!

We hope you enjoy the 40 minutes of tales from a life in rock told through classic rock riffs, catchy choruses and a huge production! And be mindful of the avalanche crashing out of the bathrooms stalls at the disco! It’s time to go hit crazy!!!


History lesson

Norway’s Razorbats are one of the most entertaining Scandinavian bands in “The New Wave of Classic Rock» and got international attention when they released their debut album “Camp Rock” in 2015. The word soon spread about this kick-ass band from Europe’s cultural backwaters, mixing influences from classic rock bands like KISS and Cheap Trick with 80s sleaze and 90s pop-punk so well that they could not possibly be ignored. Their reputation was solidified with their 2020 full-length album «Mainline Rock ’N’ Roll» with more than 250 radio stations across Europe and USA playing the singles. The stage is set and Razorbats are poised to go stratospheric with their fourth album «Hit Crazy» which will be out March 3rd.

Razorbats have toured Scandinavia and the UK several times. In addition to headline gigs, the band has shared the stage with bands like The Offspring, Danko Jones, The Wildhearts and Michael Monroe at festivals and clubs both domestically and abroad. Razorbats have developed into a ferocious live band, who love to entertain audiences with their catchy sing-a-long anthems, lots of casual humour and an energetic rock show that always leave the audience wanting more.”