Razorbats release video for new track “The City”

Razorbats release video for new track “The City”

Norwegian rockers Razorbats consisting of guitarists, Kjetil F. Wevling and Alse Tangen, lead vocalist Paul Vercouteren, bassist Martin Hervig and drummer Torris Ilievski have released a new single titled “The City” which is available for streaming. The track “The City” was previously released for streaming last week.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Razorbats‘ last studio album II: “Although band founder and guitarist Kjetil F. Wevling apparently wrote all the songs on II except for “Nowhere” which he co-wrote with [previous lead vocalist EvenBerg, I find that the songs really don’t sound like the ones on Camp Rock. Gone are the ’70s references and sounds as well as the grittiness so prevalent on Camp Rock. In are what I can only be described as “pop punk” type music, which is rather tame and alas, a bit boring at times. I was initially disappointed with the two first singles “Social Reject” and especially “Sister Siberia” mostly because both seem to lack punch and are way too poppy for my liking. Luckily, those two tracks are not the best ones on II. The lone standout track is “Nowhere” and I am finally realized why after listening to a few songs off Camp Rock just before writing this review. “Nowhere” has way more pep, a stronger guitar sound and more of that attitude that was so prevalent on Camp Rock. It’s probably the only track from II that could have fit quite nicely onto Camp Rock.”

Razorbats‘ “The City” video:

Razorbats – The City (Official Music Video)

Lead track from the Razorbats vs. Sick Things split EP released 2019 through Gods Candy Records and Rob Mules Records. All rights reserved.Photo and edit by …