Reb Beach reveals that he has a lot more responsibilities in Whitesnake than in Winger

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Reb Beach reveals that he has a lot more responsibilities in Whitesnake than in Winger

Whitesnake and Winger guitarist Reb Beach was recently interviewed by Andrew Daly for Metal Edge Mag. Beach was promoting Winger‘s upcoming new studio album Seven, which will be released via Frontiers Music Srl on May 5, 2023. Beach has been in Winger ever since day one back in 1987 while he joined Whitesnake in 2003.

In terms of the significant differences when working with Whitesnake as opposed to Winger, Beach indicated: “Clubs vs. arenas and stadiums? Hampton Inn vs. Ritz Carlton? Learjets vs. vans? I’d say those are the biggest differences. [laughs] Jokes aside, with Winger, you’re talking about a group of guys who have been close friends forever. But with Whitesnake, that was a revolving door for a long time. You had all these different personalities coming in, which has always been a unique experience. Also, I have way more responsibilities with Whitesnake than with Winger.

With Winger, I drink beer and play guitar. But I’m the music director in Whitesnake, so I have to get all the songs together and email everybody daily, etc. So, there are always things I’ll have to do, and while it’s fun stuff, it’s also a lot. But I love all of it. I love touring with Whitesnake, and the total cushiness of it isn’t bad either. [laughs] Playing the festivals and doing the big tours, I’ve met so many of my heroes, and that all happened because of Whitesnake.”

With respect to whether he feels more at home with Whitesnake or Winger at this point, Beach stated: “I love all the big stuff with Whitesnake, but honestly, I love playing those clubs with Winger. I love being right next to the audience and having them nice and close to me; it’s amazing. It’s such a difference in my performance when the audience is right there. I know that so many artists say that, but it really is true that you can feel their energy. And so, you give a lot more when they’re right there next to you and feeling them. When the audience is so far away from you in a stadium or arena, you just kind of go through the motions after a while. So, I love both, but there is something extraordinary about those intimate dates with my longtime friends that can’t be taken for granted.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Reb Beach via Metal Edge Mag‘s website.

Winger‘s “Proud Desperado” video (from upcoming album Seven):