Reckless Wings release video for debut single “One More Round”

Reckless Wings release video for debut single “One More Round”

Croatian rockers Reckless Wings consisting of lead vocalist Marko Domjan, guitarists Lovro Dužević and Tin Fabijančić, bassist Jasmin Manjarić and drummer Patrik Horvatić have released a video for their debut single “One More Round.”

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Reckless Wings explained how the band came about as they indicated: “Originally, the band was formed in 2016 but Reckless Wings have been performing with this line-up since 2018. In winter 2018, we were looking for a new singer. At the time, Marko finished his performances on a well known international music show The Voice and was the singer of another band. We liked his appearance, his attitude and of course his voice, so we decided to set up a meeting with Marko. He agreed to come to our rehearsal and basically that was it.

We have similar music taste, but the most important thing was that we all agreed on one main thing — we want to play some badass rock n’ roll with kick ass live performances! We all give 101% on stage because less than that is not acceptable for us. At first, we played covers of various great rock n’ roll artists such as for example, Velvet Revolver‘s “Get Out The Door” for which we recorded a cover and uploaded it to YouTube. But we all knew that we wanted more than that. We wanted to write and record our own songs, so in March 2020 we put out our first single “One More Round” and also shot a video for the song. We really want to make an official record, so you can expect more songs from us in the near future.”

In terms of how the band name came about, Reckless Wings advised: “Lovro came up with the name. Reckless — cause that’s how he imagined our appearance on stage and our understanding of rock n’ roll music. For us it should be, reckless, loud, full of energy and uncompromisable. And Wings, hmmm… We are still trying to figure out what he meant by that [laughs].”

With respect to what the rock n’ roll scene was like in Croatia prior to the COVID-19 Virus pandemic, Reckless Wings indicated: “We have a lot of amazing rock n’ roll bands in Croatia. I know it sounds kind of cliche, but it’s true. We have a lot of talented musicians, but the market is just too small, so it all comes down to well known famous bands who have been playing for more than 30 years and so on. I mean, some of those bands are really great and we have plenty of respect for them, and they absolutely deserve all the praise, but it’s sad that the new generation of musicians don’t get that kind of attention, mainly because they are writing their songs in English, as do we, and we still don’t understand why that would be a problem.

We have some exceptions, and young musicians who are doin‘ good but even then, most great bands are still in the shadows and are turning on foreign countries and markets. On the upside, we have some great clubs where we can do gigs and we would like to thank all our fans and supporters for coming to our shows and being a part of an awesome rock n’ roll show every time when we hit the stage! We hope that this pandemic will end soon. We wish that you guys and your readers stay healthy and we are looking forward to rock the stage again and meet new friends!”

You can check out more about Reckless Wings via their Facebook page.

Reckless Wings‘ “One More Round” video:

Reckless Wings – One More Round [Official video]

© Reckless Wings, 2020 Marko Domjan – vocalsLovro Dužević – guitarsJasmin Manjarić – bassTin Fabijančić – guitarsPatrik Horvatić – drumsRecorded @ Hardwood …