Red Dragon Cartel’s new studio album ‘Patina’ to be reportedly released in October

Red Dragon Cartel’s new studio album ‘Patina’ to be reportedly released in October

News from the Red Dragon Cartel camp has been scarce for a few years now but Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon who previously advised back on March 30, 2018 that the group’s new album would be released in July 2018 with the first single “Havana” on March 25, 2018 has now provided a new update along with what appears to be the band’s new album cover.

The following message was posted on Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon‘s Facebook page yesterday:

Red Dragon Cartel’s new album slated for release in October will apparently be named, Patina.”

Back in or about August 2015, singer Darren James Smith rejoined Red Dragon Cartel and Sleaze Roxx interviewed Smith at that time. In terms of what led him to come back to Red Dragon Cartel and for how long that had been in the works, Smith advised: “Aaaah. I would say a month. I got a call from Jonas [Fairley] saying maybe I would reconsider coming back and to think about it. And then I never heard anything from him. And then Diana called, and then Jake [E. Lee]. I don’t know the reasons why but I like to think it’s because I’m the guy for the gig I guess [laughs].”

Around that time, Red Dragon Cartel announced that their new album would be released in early 2016 and Smith was asked how much involvement that he would have with the songs on the new album. Smith replied: “Well, Jake just asked me if I would write it with him and Jonas as well so it is going to be a band effort. I haven’t heard anything yet as I have been away but I am hoping — I’ve got my fingers crossed — that it is going to be a little Badlandsish. I really love that stuff. Who knows? I mean, Jake is quite a creative guy so who knows what he is going to toss at us. Whatever it’s going to be, it’s going to be.”