Release date for Every Mother’s Nightmare’s new album in June pushed back due to Covid-19

Release date for Every Mother’s Nightmare’s new album in June pushed back due to Covid-19

Every Mother’s Nightmare frontman Rick Ruhl recently spoke with the band’s record label HighVolMusic (run by Bill Chavis) to provide an update on the group’s upcoming new studio album.

In terms of the release date, Ruhl indicated (with slight edits): “It was supposed to be in June but with all this Covid-19 stuff happening, things have been pushed back. Not sure when just yet. Timing will be key and the album still has to be mastered. We are going with Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering. It’s all been set up. We just have to finish the last song and then it’s off to Mike.”

With respect to the title, track listing and artwork for the new record, Ruhl advised: “Well, the title has changed. I’m not going to tell it just yet but team Chavis flew in to Memphis back in March brought in a photographer and we shot all new photos of the band and did some on location stuff for the album. That photo shoot kinda changed everyone’s mind on what we should call the album so yeah, there is a new title. As far as the tracks are concerned, like I said, there are 11 total. One will be a bit of a surprise I think but all of that will be released in due time. The packaging is going to be over-the-top most likely. Once Bill heard the mixes, he came out of the studio eyes all big and glassy like. I knew he was already scheming a plan! That guy is always working and plotting a plan. He says the package has to match the music. He’s already sent some ideas to us. We’ve been able to have input from everyone in the band and tying it all together. We really have a great team working with us now.”

In regard to recording the new album, Ruhl stated: “I’m really happy with this new album. Every record that I have ever recorded, I was never 100% satisfied with. There was always things I found wrong with each one that I wished I could have gone back and fixed before they were released. It was always a sense of rush to get things done so it just was what it was. But on this new record, I am over-the-top satisfied. It’s good, real good. The songs are strong and a left turn from anything we have ever done previously. All the ingredients are there. It’s just unbelievable the chemistry this band has and what everyone has brought to the table and what we have been able to achieve. It is like lightening in a bottle.”

Ruhl added: “When Bill Chavis said he booked us in the studio for three months, I was like, ‘That’s a long time and crazy.’ But in the end, he was right. He gave us the time to do it right and make a great record. Our producer Dave Cowell along with Matt Montgomery are absolutely fantastic. From day one, the studio vibe has been comfortable. Once we really dug in and got going, Dave brought so much out of us. He hears all kinds of things and does what producers should do. He also gave me the time and flexibility to do what I do so it was a real comfortable situation not just for me but for all of us.”

Every Mother’s Nightmare‘s “Push” video (from Grind album):