Renaissance Records Up For Sale On eBay


November 20, 2009

Renaissance Records Up For Sale On eBayRenaissance Records, a 17 year olf classic rock record label, is being sold on for an asking price of $600,000 at this location. Renaissance Records is currently distributed in 42 countries, with a catalog of over 250 different CDs consisting of artists such as Alcatrazz, Blue Oyster Cult, Duke Jupiter, Rock Goddess, Starz and many more. For a complete list of artists visit

The sale of the label will include their Ebay Power Seller account and store, Amazon Pro Merchant account, corporate website, 60,000 units of inventory, 200,000 units of printed material, their account database and transfer of all national and international distribution agreements.

About Renaissance Records:
Renaissance was established in 1993 as a classic rock reissue label. Around 1999 we started doing new albums by classic rock artists.

Flash-forward to 2008. As the music industry started drastically changing, so did we. As of the beginning of 2008 we started to release new artists found from all over the world. We found bands with 9 (yeah, count them…nine!) previous albums, with no previous albums. Bands big and small. The one common denominator: GOOD MUSIC!

We pride ourselves with being a multi-cultural, multi-genre label. We’re not just a label, we’re a family.

For more detailed info on the history of Renaissance Records go here.

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