Report about Ace Frehley filming video for “Fire And Water” with ex-KISS bandmate Paul Stanley

Report about Ace Frehley filming video for “Fire And Water” with ex-KISS bandmate Paul Stanley

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of the video for “Fire And Water” featuring his former KISS bandmate Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley has released a report about the filming of the video.

The following message was posted on Frehley‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“TO HELP CELEBRATE THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE KISSTORIC “FIRE AND WATER” VIDEO SHOOT with ACE FREHLEY and PAUL STANLEY… we thought we’d share this special episode of 3 SIDES OF THE COIN, in which our heroes took time out from stirring up trouble and proved they were actually gushy fanboys at heart. They basically broke this story… with some great “insider” stories from Ace (pun intended) photog Jay Gilbert. HE-WAS-THERE!
The Ace Team”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Ace Frehley‘s Origins Vol. 1 including the song “Fire And Water”: “The core band featured on Origins Vol.1 is Ace Frehley handling most guitars, bass and most of the vocals along with drummer Scott Coogan who handles some of the vocal duties. There are tracks that work brilliantly. “Emerald” fits Ace perfectly. The Slash and Ace trade off during the guitar solo on “Emerald” is one of the highlights of the record. “Fire & Water” with Paul Stanley handing the vocal duties is probably the second best track on the album.”

Exclusive report from filming of Ace Frehley video with Paul Stanley:

Exclusive Report from Filming of Ace Frehley Video Fire and Water with Paul Stanley

Special Edition, April 14, 2016. We have a exclusive, first hand, report by photographer Jay Gilbert from the filming of the Ace Frehley music video for Fire…

Ace Frehley‘s “Fire And Water” video featuring Paul Stanley:

Ace Frehley – Fire And Water ft. Paul Stanley

“Fire & Water” is from Ace Frehley ‘Origins Vol.1’Get the album here – Frehley Online…