Retra release video for debut single “Queen of The Avant-Garde”

Retra release video for debut single “Queen of The Avant-Garde”

Retra, formerly known as Glam Skanks, and consisting of guitarist Veronica Witkin and bassist Millie Chan along with new members Audra Isadora (lead vocals) and Andy Nathan (drums) have released a video for their debut single “Queen of The Avant-Garde.”

The following was posted on Retra‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“We present to you “Queen of the Avant-Garde” Directed by Interiorstate. Thank you to everyone for supporting us through our evolution. A very special thank you to Interiorstate for bringing your beautiful vision to us and bringing it to life! This is only the beginning and we can’t wait to take you on this journey with us!


In a video announcement posted three days ago, Witkin indicated (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “Hey everyone! We’re really excited to announce to you that Glam Skanks is now Retra. Retra is the evolution of Glam Skanks, not the end, so don’t worry, we have spent the last year making sure that Retra lives up to everything you know and love about Glam Skanks… Thanks to everybody who played in Glam Skanks until this point. You’ve left your mark on the band and we will cherish you forever. A huge thanks to Adam Ant and his band and crew for showing us the world.”

Retra‘s “Queen of The Avant-Garde” video: