Reverse Grip Launch Guitar Challenge Ahead Of New Album

Reverse Grip Launch Guitar Challenge Ahead Of New Album

April 22, 2012

Canadian rockers Reverse Grip are working on the full-length follow-up tp 2011’s ‘Nasty Reputation’, and have issued a friendly challenge to the sleaziest guitar players around.

The Toronto natives want guitarists around the world to respond with a video of their own to see who is crankin out some sick riffs. For more information visit

Meanwhile the band has been locked away writing new material for their upcoming full-length album. Guitarist Sean Broda tells, “The album will be out in September to kick off our Japan/Australian tours — the release date is around September 8th. It will be 10 rockin tunes and we are really getting dark and sinister with the musical content, reflecting more of our real lives and even some crazy ‘enhanced’ stories. It will be less on the metal side of things and more along a Guns N’ Roses punk/bluesy hard rock kinda idea. We are focused on the energy of the live show and want that ‘fuck off and rock’ attitude we get flowing onstage to come out in the recording.”

Reverse Grip is a hard rock band formed by brothers Dru, Sean, and Dylan (who recently got an endorsement with Silverfox Drumsticks) Broda, alongside Eskander Mirza, who’s mission is to bring back true rock n’ roll. Reverse Grip released their debut EP ‘Nasty Reputation’ on November 26th, 2011 followed by a video for the title track. referred to the EP as, “eighties style guitar, party anthem choruses, and over the top lyrics; resulting in addictive rock and roll that drips of sex, booze, and mayhem.”

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