Reverse Grip Release “Dancing On A Bullet” Video

Reverse Grip Release “Dancing On A Bullet” Video

September 16, 2014

Canadian sleaze rockers Reverse Grip have finally released a video for the song “Dancing On A Bullet”, from their ‘Hunger For Chaos’ CD which was released back on September 11th, 2012. This is the third video from that release after “Mirror Mirror” and “Sold My Soul”.

Reverse Grip frontman Dru Broda explained to Sleaze Roxx the delays encountered in releasing the band’s latest video and the details surrounding it. “This video was shot last October, and has taken us almost a year to release due to editing issues. But finally, we’re all happy to finally have a version of the video that we all love. The video stars Rochelle Bulmer. We shot it in various places around our hometown of Toronto. The video was produced by Manny Rego and us (Reverse Grip). Manny also directed and edited the video, which was shot over the course of two days.”

Broda also explained to Sleaze Roxx why the band chose to film a video for “Dancing on A Bullet”. “We ended up choosing this song because it was one of the songs that people loved to hear live. We were getting such a great response playing it, so why not have a video to go along with the song and share it with the world.”

Reverse Grip’s discography consists of one EP entitled ‘Nasty Reputation’ and the full-length album ‘Hunger For Chaos’. In a review Sleaze Roxx described the band’s latest release as follows, “Hunger For Chaos is a start to finish memoir on drinking, partying, and fighting… all in the name of rock and roll! This album is a huge step forward for this band and another great rock and roll entry for 2012.”

‘Hunger For Chaos’ is currently available for purchase at

The band has a few gigs planned before heading into the studio to record the follow-up to the sleaze filled ‘Hunger For Chaos’. Lead vocalist Dru Broda pointed out, “We’ll be playing at The Mix Community Club, a centre in Toronto for differently abled individuals, on September 26th. This particular show is really special to us since it’s a chance to give back to those who sometimes don’t have the opportunity to see a rock show. It gives us the chance to go to them in an environment that they’re familiar with. It’s just a big event that is put on for them! It’s always a really awesome and energetic crowd! We’ll then be playing on October 9th in London, Ontario with the boys in Chemical Burn. After that, we’re seriously cracking down to hit the studio by the end of the year to have new material to ear fuck you with!”

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