286 – Profiled

Released 2005 (286 Music)

Track List:
01. Profiled
02. 68′
03. Broken Peace
04. Dark Carnival
05. Record Store Prophets

Adam Joad – vocals
Martin Verry – guitar
Nikee Verry – bass
Pete Pace – drums

Produced by 286.

I wasn’t really looking forward to reviewing this one, the band name and artwork screamed out downtuned, depressing drudge. Needless to say, a smile was brought to my face when I spun Profiled and found an ass-kicking boot-stompin mix. Once again I am reminded that you can’t judge everything by its cover.

  The vocals are very abrasive like a pissed-off Buckcherry, some people are going to find them too over-the-top. But if you enjoy some explosive screaming in your music, you’ll love 286. The best part of this CD though is the music itself. It is all played fast with lots of groove (and a touch of Southern charm) and reminds me of the underrated Junkyard. This band is great at displaying their roots and influences, like the incredible swamp boogie of “Broken Peace”, but they take those same roots and drag them into a dark attitude driven direction.

  “Dark Carnival” rolls along with an AC/DC boogie, but once again is taken into much murkier waters. As if that isn’t enough, 286 save the best for last. “Record Store Prophets” has a touch of slide guitar before going off on an adrenalized romp – what a way to end an album.

  You want solos? You want a beat you can stomp your foot to? You want vocals that could peal the paint off walls? It’s all here, so get your ass over to www.286music.com and buy it! Who knew a collection of guys from America and Argentina would make such a sleazy EP.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, February 2006.

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