3 Parts Dead – 3 Parts Dead EP

3 Parts Dead - 3 Parts Dead EP

Released April 5, 2013 (3 Parts Dead)

Track List:
01. Feed
02. Party Never Ends
03. Everything To You
04. So Long Girl
05. Tattoo’d Toy

Band Members:
Mike Patton – vocals and guitar
Mike “Fitz” Fitzback – guitar
JC – bass
Ramon Miquilena – drums

Produced by 3 Parts Dead and Jim Foster.

There are so many great new bands these days that it is quite difficult to keep up with them all. One of those fresh new groups — originating from Boston and the ashes of Pretty Little Suicide — that has made their way onto the Sleaze Roxx radar is 3 Parts Dead.

The band sounds part sleaze, part rock, and part punk with plenty of attitude. The one distinguishing feature that sets 3 Parts Dead apart is the lead vocals from frontman Mike Patton. Nobody in particular comes to mind when listening to him sing — aside from perhaps L.A. GunsPhil Lewis in some ways — but he does have an original sounding voice.

My favorite track on the 3 Parts Dead EP is definitely “Feed” with its infectious, but fairly basic, guitar riff and the “woah oooh oooh” chorus. I usually don’t notice the drums on songs that much, but on “Feed” Ramon Miquilena‘s drumming is a big part of the song in a good way. “Party Never Ends” is also a good tune overall with another memorable, but different, “woah oooh oooh” chorus. I’m not crazy about the verses during “Party Never Ends” because it feels that Patton is talking more than singing — however the rest of the song is really good, including when the frontman is screaming his vocals before launching into the chorus. Of note is that 3 Parts Dead has a video for “Party Never Ends” that will apparently be released soon.

The one track that I dislike — aside from the sudden and unexpectedly faster part — is the ballad “So Long Girl”. I am just not feeling the ballad portion of the song at all, but when the guitars pick up it sounds a lot like The Who‘s “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Frankly, it feels like the band had three very different song ideas and simply plopped them together — the ballad, The Who sounding guitar part, and a guitar solo that makes me cringe. Luckily 3 Parts Dead go back to what they do best during the last track “Tattoo’d Toy”, which is to deliver sleazy faster paced hard rock with scorching guitar riffs and solos, with Patton actually singing and some awesome drumming from Miquilena.

Overall, 3 Parts Dead deliver a strong debut EP and I am looking forward to hearing what they come up with next.


Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, July 2014

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