44 Caliber – No. 2

44 Caliber - No. 2

NO. 2
Released 2009 (44 Caliber)

Track List:
01. Cure
02. Too Many Lies
03. Sunday Morning 8 AM
04. Alone
05. Story Of My Life
06. Fallen
07. Miles Away

Band Members:
C.C. – vocals and tambourine
Chris – guitar and backing vocals
Nikke – bass and backing vocals
Flodiz – drums and percussion

Produced by William Blackmon and 44 Caliber.

44 Caliber struck me as a new age Motorhead, one that mixes that punk-metal sound with 21st century sleaze. This Swedish sleaze band’s song structure and guitar riffs are stuck in the 70’s, while C.C.‘s vocal delivery reminds me of a slightly cleaner, younger and louder version of Lemmy. Is that a bad thing? You be the judge.

The band’s latest release No. 2 starts off with the loud ‘n’ furious Johnny Crash influenced “Cure” which is followed by my favorite track “Too Many Lies”. Both are hard rockers with a 70’s sound and a more modern metal vocal delivery and are not bad at all. The next track caught me off guard as it is a hardcore punk song titled “Sunday Morning 8 AM” that clocks in at under two minutes. This song is quite different from the rest, but is still cool.

“Alone” kinda loses the plot, and in my opinion “Story Of My Life” isn’t much better. Things start to improve again with “Fallen”, which is a more laid-back number (for them), while still being very heavy. The last song, “Miles Away”, is a cool closer to an, in my opinion, average album that contains a bit too much filler.

44 Caliber are on the right path, but they need a few more years, and a lot more live shows to perfect their skills and take their rightful place in the rock ‘n’ roll hierarchy as a sleaze rock’s version of Motorhead. The band is currently working on new material with Crashdiet‘s Martin Sweet and Pretty Wild‘s Krizzy Field, maybe that will be the key to perfecting the 44 Caliber sound.


Reviewed by Sleaze Glammer for Sleaze Roxx, May 2009.

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