58 – Diet For A New America

58 - Diet For A New America

Released 2000 (Americoma Records)

Track List:
01. Don’t Laugh (You Might Be Next)
02. Paso
03. Piece Of Candy
04. Shopping Cart Jesus
05. Queer
06. Song To Slit Your Wrists By
07. Stormy
08. Killing Joke
09. All Of My Heroes Are Dead
10. Alone Again (Naturally)
11. Who We Are

Dave Darling – guitar and vocals
Steve Gibb – guitar and vocals
Nikki Sixx – bass and vocals
Bucket Baker – drums

Additional Musicians:
Alvino Bennett – drums
Rob Ladd – drums
Randy Landas – bass
Stink – vocals

Produced by Dave Darling.

58 was a solo project from bass player and main songwriter of Motley Crue, Nikki Sixx. Diet For A New America is a collection a different and peculiar tunes, all of which sound completely different from one another. All of the songs set a particular mood and outline a story of different societies.

  “Piece Of Candy”, a topical story of a girl and her web cam is a rather catchy tune, with great lyrics and an upbeat chorus. “Song To Slit Your Wrists By” is a nu-metal sounding song, yet incredibly catchy and up-beat. The song title suggests melancholy, but the chorus is very likeable and full of 70’s sounding backing vocals.

  “Stormy”, a song sung by Nikki Sixx himself about his daughter Stormy, is a very sweet song, sounding nothing like Motley Crue or anything similar – it is a great pop song full of love and angels. “El Paso” is a poetic track that would make Jack Kerouac proud with its spoken vocals and electronic echoing beats. Nikki‘s song writing beauty is showcased in this song, “I feel such the animal, I’m always the animal – My body’s the cage, I’m locked in this cage – My home is worn, it’s torn, it’s been abused – And I like it”.

  Nikki Sixx only sings on occasion, but his powerful and deep voice provides a sense of belonging and reality. Diet For A New America shows the gift of Nikki‘s song writing abilities and his overall talent in the music business. This CD is a must have for any passionate Motley Crue fan, even if it has little in common with that band.


Reviewed by Ali for Sleaze Roxx, April 2009.

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