’77 – 21st Century Rock

'77 - 21st Century Rock

'77 - 21st Century Rock

Released 2009 (’77), May 10, 2010 (Listenable Records)

CD Track List:
01. Gimme Rock N’ Roll
02. Hardworking Liar
03. Big Smoker Pig
04. Shake It Up
05. Wicked Girl
06. Your Game’s Over
07. Less Talk (Let’s Rock)
08. Let The Children Hear Rock N Roll
09. Double Tongued Woman
10. 21st Century Rock

Armand Valeta – rhythm guitar and vocals
LG valeta – lead guitar
Raw – bass
Johnnie Dolphin – drums

Produced by ’77.

If Spain had reincarnated legendary rocker Bon Scott, then ’77 singer Armand Valeta would be the ultimate clone. Spanish band ’77‘s debut release 21st Century Rock, which recently got a worldwide release through Listenable Records, is a blast of nostalgia for Bon Scott era AC/DC fans.

  From the word go with “Gimme Rock N’ Roll” you are instantly hit with how much Valeta sounds like the great ‘Bon’, not only his voice, but also his delivery style — you can almost picture the Bon Scott swagger pulsating through this CD. The oddly titled “Big Smoker Pig” — which, incidentally, I have no idea what it means — packs a real punch with bludgeoning drums, pounding bass and some smoking lead guitar by Armand‘s brother LG Valeta. Not only have the Valeta brothers resurrected the sound of Scott, but the duo also do a damn good impression of the other famous brothers, Angus and Malcolm Young.

  “Let The Children Hear Rock N Roll” screams, even to the point of plagiarism, AC/DC‘s “R.I.P (Rock In Peace)” — which will either piss you off or please you, depending on your view of how close AC/DC clones are allowed to come to the originals in sound and feel. “Double Tongue Woman” is smoldering blues tinged rock while “Shake It Up” has a raw and raunchy feel.

  What 21st Century Rock may lack in originality, it makes up for with some simple yet catchy songs. Some of the lyrics are weird, and even hard to pick up with a bit of the accent coming through, but why split hairs? This albums is for those who enjoy straight-ahead rock that doesn’t suddenly surprise you by dabbling into unknown territory. 21st Century Rock, while not spectacular, is a solid album nonetheless. Musicianship wise the CD is hard to fault and a lot of the appeal is that this whole album reeks of early AC/DC (and thus the name ’77) which happens to be my cup of tea.

  If you like your barroom music rowdy with a bit of a classic ’70s rock thrown in this is probably one disc you need to check out.

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Reviewed by Tania for Sleaze Roxx, August 2010

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