Adler’s Appetite – Adler’s Appetite

Adler's Appetite

Adler's Appetite Second Pressing


Released in 2005 (Adler’s Appetite)

Track List:
01. Suicide
02. 99
03. Empty
04. Hollywood
05. Little Dancer
06. Draw The Line

Band Members:
Jizzy Pearl – vocals
Keri Kelli – guitars
Robbie Crane – bass
Steven Adler – drums

Produced by Adler’s Appetite.

Who would ever have suspected Steven Adler, the junkie that got the boot from Guns N’Roses, would return with one of the better albums released by an ex-member? Kicking his drug habit, Steven has returned with three of L.A.’s hard rock staples as band members and released a short but sweet album.

For many Jizzy Pearl‘s voice is a love or hate affair, but personally I always preferred his nasal screech over Axl Rose‘s nasal whine, and to be honest he seems to have toned down his delivery on this release. But it is guitarist Keri Kelli that really tries to steal the show here, laying down lick after lick over-top the bottom end. Yes, after all these years Steven Adler hasn’t missed a beat!

The disc opens up with the rocking “Suicide”, an infectious and dark number that grabs the listener by the throat. “Empty” is a slower number that has commercial appeal written all over it with its strong guitar leads and catchy chorus, Jizzy even sounds a bit like Bryan Adams here. Kelli lays down a killer groove throughout “Hollywood”, the strongest cut on the album. Even though Adler didn’t write the lyrics, this song could easily have been an autobiography of his life with lyrics like “Nobody gives a damn, when you’re down on your luck”. The last of the original songs, “Little Dancer”, has Jizzy stepping out of character on the verses before exploding on the chorus – it is a real moody tune.

Even though Adler’s Appetite clocks in at just over twenty minutes, there is a lot to like on this mini album. If this is just a teaser for a full release it definitely gets the job done. You have to admire Steven for being able to turn his life around and then pasting his name on such a satisfying release. But credit has to be given to the songwriters Jizzy Pearl and Keri Kelli, both of whom have done an excellent job (not to mention Kelli‘s deadly guitar playing). Steven Adler is back, and with an album like this who needs Axl Rose? You can listen to samples and purchase this album at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, February 2005

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