Alice Cooper – The Eyes Of Alice Cooper

The Eyes Of Alice Cooper
Released 2003 (Spitfire)
Billboard Chart Position #184

Track List:
01. What Do You Want From Me
02. Between High School & Old School
03. Man Of The Year
04. Novocaine
05. Bye Bye, Baby
06. Be With You Awhile
07. Detroit City
08. Spirits Rebellious
09. This House Is Haunted
10. Love Should Never Feel Like This
11. The Song That Didn’t Rhyme
12. I’m So Angry
13. Backyard Brawl

Alice Cooper – vocals
Eric Dover – guitar and backing vocals
Ryan Roxie – guitar and backing vocals
Chuck Garric – bass and backing vocals
Eric Singer – drums and backing vocals
Teddy “ZigZag” Andreadis – keyboards, accordion and percussion

Additional Musicians:
Wayne Kramer – guitar (7)
Scott Gilman – saxophone and clarinet
Calico Cooper – theremin and backing vocals

Produced by Mudrock.

“Nobody wants me hangin’ ’round, Unless it’s from a tree in the middle of town.” Alice Cooper has returned with his tongue firmly in cheek, displaying some of the wittiest lyrics since his forgotten early 80’s albums, which is great news! Alice steps away from the doom and gloom of his last two albums, and returns to his hard rock roots.

  The Eyes Of Alice Cooper truly is a collaborative effort between Alice and longtime guitarists Ryan Roxie and Eric Dover, but even with the new blood, the album harkens back to days of old. The guitar sound is much crisper then the last albums, and at times has a tone similar to that found on Love It To Death. In fact that’s part of the charm here, each song seems to have roots in a part of Alice‘s varied past.

  “What Do You Want From Me?” is a hard rocking opener, with lyrics that lesser bands would die for. “Man Of The Year” has an updated sound — part punk but with a great guitar sound. “Novocaine” is a mid-tempo song that would have fit perfectly on The Last Temptation. “Be With You Awhile” is reminiscent of his string of late 70’s hit ballads, while “This House Is Haunted” brings back memories of “Steven”. “Love Should Never Feel Like This” sounds like “Love Potion #9” during the verse. Throw in “The Song That Didn’t Rhyme” (with it’s Hey Stoopid feel) and “I’m So Angry” (Brutal Planet-ish) and you have the makings for a great album.

  Alice Cooper isn’t just the “Man Of The Year”, but it’s safe to say he has released the Album Of The Year as well. When Alice is on top of his game he can’t be beat, and The Eyes is Alice at his decadent best.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, October 2003.

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