Alligator Stew – Welcome To Monticello…Live!!!

Welcome To Monticello...Live!!!
Released 2003 (Hogleg)

Track List:
01. Louisiana Man
02. Shiner
03. I Know You Too Well
04. Rose Thorn Bed
05. Missin’ My Friends (Monti Vers.)
06. Doesn’t Really Matter
07. Blood Money
08. Green River/Susie Q
09. Turn The Page
10. Two Wheels
11. You Gotta Give
12. Four Winds
13. The Heist
14. Missin’ My Friends (LA Vers.)
15. Far Beneath The Rubble

Gary Jeffries – vocals, guitar and harmonica
John Andrews – guitar and mandolin
Doug Richardson – bass and background vocals
TC Markle – drums and percussion
Chris Turbis – piano, Hammond B3 and background vocals

Produced by Alligator Stew.

As soon as I heard Asphalt Ballet‘s debut album I quickly realized how great of a vocalist Gary Jeffries was. With Alligator Stew he has traded-in his hard rock riffs for the lap steel guitar sound of country swamp boogie.

  Welcome To Monticello…Live!!! is a live album that includes four studio tracks. “Louisiana Man” is a cool rocker that starts off the disc on the right foot while “Blood Money” is a great slower tempo number. “Two Wheels” has a hypnotizing bass pattern, and the closing live number “You Gotta Give” has an early Deep Purple sound. As for the studio tracks, they are fairly mellow, in fact “The Heist” could damn near pass for a Chris Isaak song!

  Will fans of hard rock like this album? I have my doubts. But at the same time it was interesting to hear what Gary Jeffries was up to these days. It is also refreshing to hear that he still has that exceptional blues influenced voice. Determine for yourself if Alligator Stew would be a worthy addition to your collection at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, August 2003.

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