American Dog And Fin – Dogatized

American Dog And Fin - Dogatized

Released April 25, 2013 (Capital City Music Factory)

Track List:
01. Rockin’ The Dog
02. Fishbowl Blues
03. Never In My Life
04. Glitter
05. Flesh For Sale
06. Fools Gold
07. These Kids
08. Shoot, Shoot
09. Boozehound
10. Twilight Zone

Fin Muir – vocals and harmonica
Steve Theado – guitar and vocals
Michael Hannon – bass and vocals
Keith Pickens – drums

Additional Musicians:
Nate Holman – keyboards

Produced by Joe Viers, American Dog and Fin.

I know there are some music fans in existence that enjoy American Dog‘s brand of raunchy rock but just can’t get past the vocals. Michael Hannon‘s redneck rebel delivery is no doubt an acquired taste, and the brains behind American Dog would likely agree that he has little in common with classic hard rock crooners. That’s why Dogatized is exactly what the doctor ordered for those of you who have been on the fence regarding this sleazy beer-guzzling Ohio trio — because this time around they do in fact have a more accessible singer brandishing the microphone.

  The story behind Dogatized is rather long, and is explained in the album’s liner notes, but to summarize, American Dog had planned on working with UFO‘s Pete Way. When Way‘s VISA was revoked and he was unable to enter the United States along came his former Waysted bandmate Fin Muir to take the reins and this rest is… Dogatized. While American Dog have built a career out of being the ‘kings of redneck metal’, this collaboration has resulted in a disc that delivers ’70s inspired rock.

  “Rockin’ The Dog”, with its talk box guitar effects, opens the festivities and finds Fin Muir in fine form as the American Dog boys establish a heavy groove. The beginning of “Fishbowl Blues” is identical to “Once Bitten Twice Shy” before it ventures off into a pretty straight-forward ride back to the ’70s complete with killer guitar solo. Clocking in at close to nine minutes you’d assume “Glitter” would eventually overstay its welcome, but the moody number shuffles along nicely with Fin‘s voice drifting between mellow and explosive. “Flesh For Sale” is identical to what you’d expect from an American Dog release but the slide-guitar influenced “Fools Gold” works even better and is one of the album’s highlights. Several covers find themselves on Dogatized, the best being the aforementioned “Rockin’ The Dog”, a version of UFO‘s “Shoot, Shoot” that trumps the original, and a rendition of “Twilight Zone” that stays true to the original.

  Slightly more subdued than your typical American Dog album, Dogatized seems to be a group of musicians having some fun with their influences. I imagine it was an album put together over several drinks, stories and laughs — and it’s cool to see Fin Muir playing hard rock again, as this is far more exciting than his current Rod Stewart tribute act.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, August 2013

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