American Dog – Foamin’ At The Mouth Live

Foamin' At The Mouth Live
Released 2005 (American Dog/Colonial Canine)

Track List:
01. Another Lost Weekend
02. Workin’ Man
03. Shitkicker
04. Barely Half Alive
05. Blame It On The Booze
06. D-N-F
07. Got You By A Chain
08. Too Damn Sober
09. Hear Me Howlin’
10. Drank Too Much
11. I’ll Drink To That
12. Bomber
13. Last Of A Dying Breed
14. D-N-D

Michael Hannon – vocals and electric bass
Steve Theado – guitars and vocals
Keith Pickens – drums and vocals

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Joe Viers.

Leave it to American Dog to bring the people to the music. Unlike every live album known to man, this one wasn’t recorded at a live venue. Nope, Foamin’ At The Mouth Live was recorded live in the studio with eighty of American Dog‘s best friends and enough beer to give everyone in attendance the shits for a month.

  This is how a band like American Dog should be recorded – live, abrasive, off-the-cuff and downright nasty. I’ve always said that music such as this needs little production, because it is the warts and mistakes that make it unique – so imagine the grin on my face when I read the liner notes and noticed “not produced at all”! Not your typical album, this is just a party being thrown by a group of guys that happen to play fun and rough music, it is a cool concept and works well.

  In fact, many of these tunes sound even faster then their original studio recordings. Just check out “Shitkicker” or the super-charged “Barely Half Alive” – drummer Keith Pickens starts a fast beat and the other guys follow right along. Often live albums sound far worse then the studio recordings, but Foamin’ At The Mouth Live doesn’t. It makes you wonder how live the original recordings were, because I’ve always suspected this was a one or two take band. Some songs, such as “I’ll Drink To That”, have some incredible extended guitar and drum solos.

  This is a fun CD, nothing more and nothing less. Essentially an American Dog greatest hits album (and a collection of all the drinking songs one will ever need) with a Motorhead cover and one new studio cut. “D-N-D” is a weird country ode to the fine art of drunk driving, an art that will come in handy after sitting through this collection of beer-guzzling standards. I still say this would be one of the best bands to see live, but until that day comes this ass-kicking slab of dirty metal will do just fine. You can get more information on this one at either or

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, September 2005.

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