American Dog – If You Want Bud

If You Want Bud
Released 2006 (Bad Reputation)

Track List:
Disc One: Last Of A Dying Breed:
01. Barely Half Alive
02. Drinkin’ About You
03. TV Disease
04. Under The Blade
05. Be A Man
06. Drank Too Much
07. Dog’s Life
08. Last Of A Dying Breed
09. Straight Jacket/Dwight Fry
10. She Had It Comin’ (live)
11. Take Your Whiskey Home
12. Peace Dog
Disc Two: If You Want Bud, You’ve Got It:
01. Dog’s Life
02. Drinkin’ About You
03. Barely Half Alive
04. Be A Man
05. Out Of The Sun
06. Train Kept A Rollin’
07. Can’t Throw Stones
08. Human Garbage Can
09. Just An Alcoholic
10. Gimme Back My Bullets
11. I’m Eighteen

Michael Hannon – vocals and electric bass
Steve Theado – guitar and vocals
Keith Pickens – drums and barking vocals

Additional Musicians:
Jason McMaster – additional vocals (Peace Dog)
Eric Moore – guest vocals (Drank Too Much)

Produced by American Dog.

What does a band like American Dog do when a record label wants to reissue their debut album? First off you add a couple bonus tracks, throw in a live disc, mix it with an impressive CD booklet and then recreate the artwork of AC/DC‘s classic If You Want Blood You’ve Got It. But rather then being stabbed by a guitar, American Dog is stabbed with a beer bottle, thus you get If You Want Bud!

  American Dog‘s debut release Last Of A Dying Breed captured the band at their rawest. Sure they have matured and gotten even better over the years, but this collection of unrefined southern boogie stand the test of time (because drinking songs never go out of style). I’m not going to bother reviewing that disc here though, any reader of this site should already have it in their collection – and if not, what the hell is wrong with you?

  What I am going to concentrate on here is what American Dog does best, and that is play loud obnoxious music to (I would imagine) drunken degenerates. If You Want Bud was recorded on October 28, 2000 in Ohio during the early days of the group. Because of this there are some cool cover tunes here, like Motorhead‘s “Out Of The Sun”, Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s “Gimme Back My Bullets”, Alice Cooper‘s “I’m Eighteen” and the classic “Train Kept A Rollin'”. Throw in a couple Hilljack songs and you have an impressive collection of raunch.

  You may be asking yourself if the word really needs another American Dog live album, and that is up for debate. But you gotta give the guys credit for turning a common reissue into something worth paying attention to. And ya know, even though the crowd seems rather subdued here, the bonus disc is worth it just for some of Michael Hannon‘s between song rants – but you might want to steer clear if you are one of those annoying politically correct types.

  American Dog manages to keep their fan base happy while giving the rest of the record buying public the finger. Is there such a thing as hillbilly metal? If there wasn’t, there is now!

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, April 2006.

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