American Dog – Scars-N-Bars

Released 2005 (Outlaw)

Track List:
01. Workin’ Man
02. Faded
03. Conviction
04. Lucky 13
05. Got You By A Chain
06. Another Lost Weekend
07. She Ain’t Real Pretty (But She’s All I’ve Got)
08. Burnin’ Yesterday
09. Sunday Buzz
10. Little Girl
11. Ten ‘Til Two

Michael Hannon – vocals, electric bass and percussion
Steve Theado – guitars and vocals
Keith Pickens – drums and vocals

Additional Musicians:
Delyn Christian – harmonica (9)
Bruce Diltz – keyboards (7)

Produced by Joe Viers and American Dog.

American Dog, the wart on the ass of rock ‘n’ roll, have returned with another dose of fist-down-your-throat hard rock. Former Salty Dog bassist Michael Hannon and company continue to serve up a brand of rock that is dirtier than a $5 hooker – and just as much fun!

  The first thing I noticed about Scars-N-Bars was that none of the song titles mentioned fucking or being drunk, were the guys going soft? The opening cut of “Workin’ Man” answered that question for me with the lyrics “But when quittin’ time comes around, an ice cold beer is gonna taste pretty good”. However it wouldn’t be until track five that sex was mentioned, but the attitude driven “Got You By A Chain” more than made up for it – leather, duct tape and a ridin’ crop? You’ll have to hear this one for yourself! “Another Lost Weekend” is exactly what American Dog is known for, a hard drivin’ male-chauvinistic song – you won’t find this on Top 40 radio, hell you won’t hear this on ANY radio!

  What really stands out on this album compared to the band’s previous efforts is the guitar work of Steve Theado. Everything seems more riff oriented, and Steve has really come into his own. His guitar approach isn’t flashy or technically awe-inspiring, but he has a great blue collar feel that just kicks ass on songs such as “Lucky 13”, “Got You By A Chain” and “Burnin’ Yesterday”.

  American Dog has taken a few chances on this album, like the inclusion of piano and a swing vibe on “She Ain’t Pretty” and the swamp-boogie of “Sunday Buzz”. The band doesn’t constantly bludgeon the listener to death like their previous albums, this time they give you a short rest before they bludgeon you some more. Scars-N-Bars contains more dirt than a worm farm and if anyone could get an STD from music this band would be the donor. The band can be found at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, January 2005.

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