American Dog/V8 Wankers – D-N-F

Released 2005 (Art Beat Records)

Track List:
American Dog:
01. D-N-F
02. Black Night
V8 Wankers:
03. Good Ass Is Hard To Find
04. Long Gone Lonesome Blues

American Dog Band:
Michael Hannon – vocals and bass
Steve Theado – vocals and guitars
Keith Pickens – drums and vocals

V8 Wankers Band:
Lutz Vegas – vocals
Vulcanus – guitar
Schmuddel – guitar
Rico – bass
Dirty Dick – drums

Dust off those old turntables, because here we have a split 7″ vinyl featuring American Dog and Germany’s V8 Wankers. This little 4-song gem was printed in the Czech Republic, distributed in Germany and is limited to 300 copies – so it may be harder to find then a virgin at an adult film awards gala. So if you can find a copy you just may have a collectible in your hands.

  I’ve reviewed American Dog several times now and I always enjoy their barroom swagger. Of course everyone knows by now what “D-N-F” stands for (this is the unreleased studio version), and the song should be an opening staple at any of their live shows. The new track here is a cover of Deep Purple‘s “Black Night”, sung by guitarist Steve Theado. He possesses a cool gravelly voice, nothing like Ian Gillan‘s trademark yelp, yet it works and gives this version of the song its own identity – great stuff.

  Until now I had no idea who the V8 Wankers were, but they seem to be a punk meets metal hybrid – but punk only in the fact that they play fast and in your face. “Good Ass Is Hard To Find” is from their Demon Tweak album and is a furious rocker, simple yet effective. “Long Gone Lonesome Blues” is a Hank Williams cover that as you can guess strays from the original and the vocals remind me of a grittier version of Cats In BootsJoel Ellis.

  It may be short, but this split EP is a fun listen. You can check the bands out at their respective websites; and I also may have found the only place on Earth that still sells this LP,, but pick it up quick because this one won’t last long.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, January 2006.

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