American Heartbreak – American Heartbreak

American Heartbreak
Released 2006 (Liquor And Poker)

Track List:
01. Somebody
02. Sick N’ Tired
03. Love Your Abuse
04. Things Are Looking Up
05. Raise Up Your Hands
06. Girl Who Knows Nothing At All
07. The Last Of The Superheroes (Of The 1970s)
08. Unhappily Ever After
09. 21 & Easy (Simple Things Like Rock N’ Roll)
10. Crawling
11. Falling Angels
12. Isolation
13. Bitch

Lance Boone – vocals
Billy Rowe – guitar, bass and background vocals
Casey Crenshaw – guitar and background vocals
Michael Butler – bass and background vocals
Paul Scavuzzo – drums

Produced by American Heartbreak.

American Heartbreak has been around for almost a decade reining the rock and roll underground, putting out albums and touring and keeping the sound of classic rock and roll alive and kicking. With an EP and two albums under their wings, American Heartbreak is ready to take flight into rock and roll mainstream with the new album American Heartbreak!

  American Heartbreak is not new with music, and is not new to being a secret treasure to rock and roll fans. One time guitar player for the underrated glam bands of the 80’s (such as Jetboy), Billy Rowe started the band along with former Exodus bass player Michael Butler and vocalist Lance Boone and has paved the way for the classic rock sound to be heard and to return.

  The album is true to the roots of rock and roll and is filled with solid rock and roll that will not fade away. The songs are meant to be played loud and are in the lead to return rock and roll to its roots. Mixed in for added perfection is their punk influences and a pop sound that rounds off each and every song for a perfect album and a sound that is rare in rock and roll today, one that can easily be heard but not duplicated. American Heartbreak is a band that can and will save rock and roll and bring it back to the masses that crave the good time rock and roll sound.

Reviewed by Sarah for Sleaze Roxx, June 2006.

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