Amsterdam – Amsterdam

Released 2001 (Metal Mayhem)

Track List:
01. Can’t Hide
02. I’m Blind
03. You Show Me
04. Sex Emotion
05. Mine All Mine
06. Cannibalistic Love
07. Get Off
08. Head High
09. Infatuation
10. Love Me When You’re Lonely
11. I’m Alright

Ronnie Borchert – vocals
Chad Foster – guitar
Eric Morrison – guitar
Bobby Canchola – bass
Dave Thomson – drums

Produced by Amsterdam. Engineered by Dave Shogren.

This is the debut disc from this talented San Jose bay area quintet, and it rocks! Tunes like “Can’t Hide”, “Sex Emotion” and “Infatuation” really showcase their talent, and reminds you of the days when hard rock ruled the charts.

  Amsterdam looks good and plays well; the songs are catchy and have that feel-good 80’s quality that is lacking in today’s music. I see a lot of potential here, and give Amsterdam and their brand of killer hair-metal two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, March 2003.

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