Androids – Let It All Out

Androids - Let It All Out


Track List:
01. Let It All Out
02. Hard Lovin’ Girl
03. Same As You
04. Crawl
05. Cool And Pretty
06. When The Sun Turns To Rain
07. Quick & Quiet
08. Runnin’ Around
09. N.Y.C.
10. Ten Thousand Years

Scarlette – lead vocals
Ade – electric/acoustic guitar
Jone – bass guitar/pedals, synthesizers and vocals
Alex – keyboards, mini moog and harmonica

Additional Musicians:
Bone Moroney – drums and percussion

Produced and engineered by Jari Laasanen. Co-produced by Tommy Eriksson. Re-mastered by Chris Fatouros.

Along comes another ‘never seen the light of day’, fantabulously entertaining, can’t stop listening to it, release from Finland’s own Androids. Let’s just put to bed any doubts about the quality of this release. For starters this CD is/was produced on the level of Boston‘s self titled… Yea no shit! Whoever was the genius behind the board on this one was kudos to you my friend. The group’s one and only release came out on vinyl/cassette only in Finland and Spain in 1988 on Flamingo Records, so there wasn’t a ton of exposure there. The story told is that the label went belly up and the release died an untimely death, even with the band being quite popular in Finland and obviously packing the punch to carry them across the pond to the US.

  This re-release from Suncity Records is a top notch affair and scrutinizing collectors will not be disappointed. The music is an AOR fanatics wet dream with tons of nicely sprinkled in keyboards (think of all your favorite’s from the 70’s: Deep Purple, Boston and Kansas on their hardest rocking cuts), guitar shredding to make any of yester-years heavyweights take a step back (tons of whammy tricks and fingers faster than fast) and a vocalist that sounds strikingly similar to all your favorites from the genre. Most notable in the vocals are the similarities to White Lion‘s Mike Tramp.

  Let It All Out runs the gamut of what a classic late 80’s masterpiece should be with tons of rockers such as “Let It All Out”, “N.Y.C.”, “Quick & Quiet”, and “Same As You”… and the cigarette lighter balladry of “When The Sun Turns To Rain” is excellent!

  I hear a number of influences shine through in this sadly unknown release as it will appeal to fans of acts like Bon Jovi, Autograph, Treat, White Lion, Van Halen, Boston, TNT, etc. Someone please dig up and release some live stuff or the ‘buried in a cave’ second release or… – –

Reviewed by Terry for Sleaze Roxx, October 2008.

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