Andy Timmons Band: ‘Theme From A Perfect World’


Released on September 30, 2016 (Timstone Records)

I have not made contributions to Sleaze Roxx in some time now. The reality is that apart from the utter lack of time and some other things, which really not need to be discussed, I really had not heard any music lately which would blow my mind. I promised myself that I would write a review only to an album, which would really move me musically. And such an album came in the form of Andy Timmons‘ latest effort Theme From A Perfect World.

Andy, for those not in the know, is a former lead guitar player of the quite  successful late ’80s/early ’90s rock band Danger Danger. The same band which launched Ted Poley to wider audiences, and had a pretty successful comeback seven years ago with Revolve.  Andy did not play on the record, and for quite some time now with his Danger Danger bandmates, even though he is on good terms with them as they had a few reunion shows in 2014. His releases mainly focus on guitar virtuosity, but also trying to look for new directions, and to carve himself a niche.

His last fully stand alone record Resolution (without counting an instrumental cover of The Beatles‘ “Sgt. Pepper”) really got into my head, even though at first, I was not really convinced. The same was the story with his new album Theme From A Perfect World.

Let’s start with a statement: if you are an AC/DC kind of rock fan, and worship bands like Airbourne (which I love by the way) and at the same time do not tolerate anything else, you will most likely not get this album at all. The same, if you are a diehard Danger Danger fan (anyone out there?), what you might expect out of Andy would be an instrumental follow-up to his last collaborations with Danger Danger — Cockroach or Screw It. This is a completely different kind of music.

It is instrumental first, but also much more mellow, even progressive at times. This seem to be an album made by a musician who appears to search for new directions. It is still mostly a rock record, but I cannot imagine anyone writing up a fist pumping catchy pop-chorus to it. This is a music which, for a lack of a better word I would describe as mature.

You can easily see that Andy’s style evolved over the years. From a straight on rock guy in the 1990s, throughout some rougher edged music, to what we see here, which I would ultimately describe as a mature guitar virtuoso rock with heavy prog influences. And such is what I feel is inside of this album.

My favorite tracks are: “Winterland,” “That Day Came” and “Firenze.” But I really don’t have any standout tune. They all keep the same high bar of quality. This is really an album which you can listen old school style, from the beginning to the end in one run, not skipping the songs really. The music sort of blends, but in a good way.

So to wrap up this review, I would say Theme From A Perfect World is a really good album, but not a good album for anyone. Unlike for instance the absolutely horrible (I’m sorry to any fans out here) latest Operation: Mindcrime record, it is not lackluster or sloppy by any means. Nor is it underdeveloped songwriting wise. It is a treat for a person of an open mind, but at the same time, it won’t really leave classic rock fans in utter disgust. It may put some of them to sleep, but I guess they wouldn’t hassle it horribly. They might just say it is not their cup of tea (or can of beer).

This is not the kind of music you would put on your ears while at the gym, hiking in the mountains, or hunting for a speeding ticket. It is really more the kind of music that would be useful while working, or exploring something while you are in a mellower mood. If you can enjoy music this way, rather than just rocking out with your pants down and fist pumping in the air, you may actually really enjoy Andy Timmons‘ latest record. To me, it’s a solid chunk of music.

Track List:
01. Ascension
02. Winterland
03. Theme From A Perfect World
04. Sanctuary
05. The Next Voice You Hear
06. Lift Us Up (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
07. That Day Came
08. Firenze
09. Welcome Home
10. On Your Way Sweet Soul

Band Members:
Andy Timmons  – guitar, vocals
Mike Daane – bass, backing vocals
Rob Avsharian, Mike Marine – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Fat Peter for Sleaze Roxx, January 2017


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