Baby Jane – Taste Of Underground

Baby Jane - Taste Of Underground

Released 2008 (Baby Jane)

Track List:
01. Taste Of Underground
02. One Of A Million
03. I Don’t Care

Freddie Wizzp – vocals
Rikk – guitars
Mikey – guitars
Manx – bass
Matt – drums

Produced by Mikey and Rikk. Co-produced by Simon Janlow. Mixed by Martin Sweet.

Baby Jane hail from Sweden, and with that being said it seems almost clear that they are yet another hot sleaze-band and that’s damn right! Taste Of Underground is, as far as I know, their first official demo-release and it showcases a band willing to follow in the mighty footsteps of groups like Crashdiet, Gemini Five and Hardcore Superstar. Compared to Crashdiet, Baby Jane is slightly punkier, which mainly evolves from Freddie Whizzp‘s voice, which is pretty raw.

  The title track to me sounds like a mixture between Crashdiet and Cosmic Ballroom (if anyone remembers those Swedish sleazers) and is an up-tempo rocker with massive backing-vocals and a fantastic chorus turning the song into a (sort of) sleaze-anthem. Martin Sweet‘s mixing abilities are all over the backing vocals and they really sound awesome. Next up is “One Of A Million”, which is more in the style of Backyard BabiesStockholm Syndrome, although once again with some Crashdiet-like backing vocals thrown in for good measure. Rounding out this demo is “I Don’t Care”, which switches back to up-tempo and once again is in your face.

  Unfortunately after three tracks this is already over as I would have been more than happy to listen to some more Baby Jane. The title-track is definitely the stand-out song on Taste Of Underground, but all three songs are very well written and produced and prove that Baby Jane will be a force to be reckoned with in the (hopefully) not too distant future. All thumbs up from me!

  If you want a Taste Of Underground yourself, head over to the band’s Myspace page and fine out how to download this EP for free.

Reviewed by Vige for Sleaze Roxx, November 2008.

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