Black Hill – Nasty Nights

Nasty Nights
Released 2002 (Black Hill)

Track List:
01. Bitch
02. Granma Glam
03. Traffic Light
04. Give My Money Back
05. Fat Love
06. Rock ‘N’ Roll
07. Strange Days

Bob J. Low – vocals
Glitzie – guitar
Roughy – bass, acoustic guitar and backing vocals
Phil Hill – drums and percussion

Black Hill is an Italian band that has some of the raunchiest lyrics this
side of W.A.S.P.‘s 80’s heyday. Musically the group could be compared to early
Motley Crue, Spread Eagle and any number of sleaze bands. In fact there
isn’t a bad song on the entire album.

  Vocalist Bob J. Low has a heavy accent, so some of the English pronunciations
become rather funny, especially when combined with lyrics such as; “Your boobies have filled my eyes,
but my dick now cries; Sexy sexy baby on fire, in reality a liar; Enuff is enuff, can’t
take it anymore; Now your wallet is so full, and still my balls are too” from “Give My
Money Back” or “Fat Love’s” “Let this be fat love, I just need your rolls and nothing more.” There
is no denying that these lyrics might defend some people, but hell–this is rock’n’roll,
it’s supposed to offend.

  Standout tracks include “Bitch” which has a killer groovy guitar pattern
flowing throughout, “Traffic Light”, the hilarious mid-tempo rocker “Fat Love” and
the album closer “Strange Days”, a Scorpions-type ballad. I
suggest everyone race over to
for some laughs and incredible music. Don’t forget the beer, cause Black Hill
are here for a party!

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, September 2003.

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