Blackeyed Susan – Electric Rattlebone

Electric Rattlebone
Released 1991 (Mercury)

Track List:
01. Electric Rattlebone
02. Satisfaction
03. None Of It Matters
04. Sympathy
05. Ride With Me
06. Old Lady Snow
07. Don’t Bring Me Down
08. Indica
09. She’s So Fine
10. How Long
11. Best Of Friends
12. Holiday
13. Heart Of The City

Dizzy Dean Davidson – vocals, guitar and harmonica
Rick Criniti – guitar, sitar and vocals
Tony Santoro – guitar and vocals
Eric Levy – bass and vocals
Chris Branco – drums and percussion

Additional Musicians:
Dave Barlow – keyboards
Randy Cantor – piano, strings, bagpipes, organ and accordion
Andy Kravitz – percussion
Jay Levin – pedal steel guitar
Mike Miarano – strings
Erin Cain – background vocals
Charlene Holloway – background vocals
Annette Hardeman – background vocals

Produced by Randy Cantor. Executive producer Chris Branco. Associate
producer Dean Davidson.

Electric Rattlebone is the freshman outing from vocalist Jerod (Dizzy Dean) Davidson upon his departure from Britny Fox. Blackeyed Susan also features Cinderella keyboardist Rick Criniti on guitar. The sound on Electric Rattlebone is very bluesy and it shows on songs like “Satisfaction”, “Ride With Me” and “She’s So Fine”. There are also two good instrumentals in “Electric Rattlebone” and “Indica” — which has an Arabian like sound. The ballads, “Sympathy” and “Don’t Bring Me Down”, are a nice addition.

  Musically this album reminds the listener of bands like the Black Crowes and London Quireboys. This band was talented and deserved more recognition; it was just another case of arriving on the rock scene too late. Electric Rattlebone receives two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, March 2004.

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