Blue Murder – Blue Murder

Blue Murder

Released in 1989 (Geffen)
Billboard Chart Position #69

Track List:
01. Riot
02. Sex Child
03. Valley Of The Kings
04. Jelly Roll
05. Blue Murder
06. Out Of Love
07. Billy
08. Ptolemy
09. Black-Hearted Woman

Band Members:
John Sykes – lead vocals and guitar
Tony Franklin – bass and background vocals
Carmine Appice – drums and background vocals

Additional Musicians:
Nik Green – keyboards
Mark LaFrance – background vocals
David Steele – background vocals

Produced by Bob Rock.

This is the debut disc from this talented super group known as Blue Murder. This album features John Sykes (ex-Whitesnake) and Carmine Appice (ex-Vanilla Fudge), and features a grandiose brand of melodic hard rock. The casual fan may remember the video for “Jelly Roll”, which included John Sykes in water-soaked clothes and sexy poses.

Songs such as “Riot”, “Blue Murder” and “Black-Hearted Woman” really jam, and there is also a very nice ballad called “Out Of Love”. In the liner notes Sykes dedicates the album to his late Thin Lizzy band mate Philip Lynott, an excellent show of appreciation. Blue Murder had an abundance of talent, but never got the recognition they deserved. I give this album two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, May 2003.

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