Blue Tears – Dancin’ On The Back Streets

Dancin' On The Back Streets
Released 2005 (Suncity Records)

Track List:
01. Summer Girl
02. Loud Guitars, Fast Cars & Wild, Wild Women
03. Kiss And Tell
04. Storm In My Heart
05. Slip And Fall
06. A Date With Destiny
07. All Cried Out
08. Forever Yours
09. Do You Want Me?
10. Small Town Dreams
11. Livin’ In The Movies
12. She’s Not Falling In Love
13. Strong
14. Touch
15. Dark Of The Night
16. Dream Of Me

Gregg Fulkerson – lead vocals, guitars and keyboards
Bryan Hill – guitar and vocals
Michael Spears – bass and vocals
Charlie Lauderdale – drums

Produced and mastered by Gregg Fulkerson.

Everyone’s favorite Bon Jovi clones are back with their second collection of old demos, essentially making Dancin’ On The Back Streets part two of Mad, Bad & Dangerous. Once again Suncity Records releases a high quality product and leads me to think that Blue Tears should have been as huge as Bon Jovi back in the day.

  Think I’m full of shit? Well, there is no denying that members of Blue Tears could write a hit – sadly just not for themselves. For instance you may remember “Loud Guitars, Fast Cars & Wild, Wild Women” as the lead-off single and video for early 90’s supergroup Contraband – included on this CD in its original form. Or maybe you recall Every Mother’s Nightmare‘s single “Slip And Fall”? Yup, it was written by the members of Blue Tears as well and has an Aerosmith vibe in this version. Finally, how about “Forever Yours”, a ballad that found its way onto Michael Sweet‘s debut solo album. See, it is obvious that these guys can write one hell of a song.

  It is almost pointless to go into details about the sound represented here, because if you like the big hooks, catchy melodies and luscious harmonies of classic Bon Jovi you will love this album. I can’t explain why or how Blue Tears fell into obscurity during the hair metal revolution, but it was obviously a crime. Dancin’ On The Back Streets is pop-rock at its finest.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, May 2006.

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