Boned – Up At The Crack

Up At The Crack
Released 2004 (Perris)

Track List:
01. Up At The Crack
02. Drain The Main Vein
03. Ain’t No Talkin’ With Your Mouth Full
04. Loaded On Love
05. Wasted Line
06. Drivin’ On The Sidewalk
07. Tails Up Heads Down
08. Gotta Turn
09. Loser
10. God Given Right To Rock And Roll

Dan Davie – rhythm guitar

Produced by Dan Davie.

Rhino Bucket and Dirty Looks have taken us down this road before, but I still enjoy the trip. Boned is another of those clone bands that mimics AC/DC so well there is hardly any need for the original! I’ve always enjoyed albums like this – and what these bands lack in originality they make up with talent, attitude and killer music – at times predictable, but never failing to satisfy.

  This is a five piece band, but because of contractual obligations only the rhythm guitarist can be named. Hey, maybe this really is AC/DC! Nah I doubt that, but this sure does remind me of an excellent old band called Johnny Crash – perhaps they make up the mysterious band. Regardless of who it is, songs like “Drain The Main Vein”, “Ain’t No Talkin’ With Your Mouth Full” and “Tails Up Heads Down” regurgitate attitude driven three-chord rock to perfection.

  Interestingly enough the group changed their name from AC/DD to Boned to avoid being seen as an AC/DC tribute band, but the tunes on Up At The Crack stay so true to their mentor’s roots that many people will draw the tribute comparisons anyway. This release is a winner, with bonus marks for the sexist cover – in fact I’m sure Bon Scott smiles every time someone cranks this disc. Perris Records has managed to score another uncompromising sleaze band and is fast becoming one of my favorite labels.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, December 2004.

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