Brass Kitten – Across America

Across America
Released in 2001 (Nightmare)

Track List:
01. Crossfire
02. Sweet Love Affair
03. Can’t Hold Back The Young
04. Too Far Gone
05. Bite The Bullet
06. Fit To Be Tied
07. Country Song
08. Can’t Get Enough
09. Wait Another Day
10. Quit Your Bitchin’

Band Members:
Steve Philbrook – vocals and guitar
John Jeremi – guitar and backing vocals
Kelli Roulette – bass and backing vocals
Sid – drums and backing vocals

Produced by Steve Philbrook.

This rocking album from Brass Kitten was originally recorded some ten years prior to its release, and fans of bands such as Skid Row and Wildside should enjoy this. The quartet is very talented, shown on tunes such as “Crossfire”, “Can’t Hold Back The Young” and “Quit Your Bitchin'”, while “Too Far Gone” is your typical slower number.

The band looks good and the songs are very catchy straight-ahead hard rock. So drive Across America today to pick up your copy, as it gets two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, March 2003.

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