Bret Michaels – Freedom Of Sound

Bret Michaels - Freedom Of Sound
Released 2005 (B.M.B./Poor Boy Records)

Track List:
01. Rock ‘N My Country
02. Driven
03. Open Road
04. All I Ever Needed
05. New Breed Of American Cowboy
06. Right Now, Right Here
07. Lookin’ For A Good Time
08. It’s All Good
09. Every Rose (Country Version)
Bonus Tracks:
10. Bittersweet (Songs Of Life)
11. Raine w/Edwin McCain (Songs Of Life)
12. Menace To Society (Songs Of Life)
13. Walk Away (Ballads Blues & Stories)
14. Something To Believe In (Ballads Blues & Stories)
15. Future Ex-Wife (Country Demos)
16. The One You Get (Country Demos)
17. Human Zoo (A Letter From Death Row)
18. Last Breath (A Letter From Death Row)

Bret Michaels – vocals, guitar and harmonica
Jamie Laritz – guitar, bass, drums mandolin/dobro
Eric Brittingham – bass
Shawn Hughes – drums

Additional Musicians:
Rusty Danmyer – steel guitar
Renee Truex – violin
Jessica Andrews – additional vocals (4)
Mark Wills – additional vocals (5 & 9)
Chris Cagle – additional vocals (9)
Brad Arnold – additional vocals (9)
Captain Clay Ckarkson – additional vocals (5 & 7)
Dan Donovan – additional vocals (5 & 7)
Jefferey Steele – background vocals
Kim Everett – background vocals
Darien Keith Thompson – background vocals

Produced by Bret Michaels. Co=produced by Jamie Laritz.

Bret Michaels, a member of the notorious rock band Poison, took on another project with Freedom Of Sound. The album has a mix of everything from rock and roll, Poison hits and new songs that were written for this album. The new songs are different and not like any of his other work. Freedom Of Sound is just as the title says, a freedom to put country lyrics together with a rock and roll sound.

  The first few songs have a country sound. “Rock ‘N My Country” is definitely a unique tune with lots of catchy lyrics and a sound that you can’t put in the category of just rock or just country. The song could be heard on any radio station today.

  “Driven” is more rock than country, but with today’s standards of what makes country what it is and rock what it is, again its hard to tell. There are definite sections of the songs that are country and definite sections that are made for rock and roll.

  This album is a great compilation of what Bret Michaels can do. He isn’t tied to just one type of music, he has expanded and successfully crossed over into other genres and does quiet well with them.

  The demos that were released do no justice to what Bret Michaels can do and has done with country music. He has a passion for the music and the passion and respect for the music is shown through these songs. “All I Ever Needed” shows that passion and the respect for the music. The song has the potential to be a rock ballad or a country love song.

  Bonuses on the album are songs from his previous solo albums; Letter From Death Row, Songs Of Life, the Country Demos, and the Poison album Ballads, Blues and Stories; all of which play an equally important part of his career and his life. The album is a great collection of songs that represent life and what is important to him as an artist.

Reviewed by Sarah for Sleaze Roxx, June 2006.

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