Broken Teeth: ‘Bulldozer’

Broken Teeth CD coverBROKEN TEETH
To be released on October 23, 2015 (Texas Metal Underground Records)

In my recent review of Motörhead‘s latest album Bad Magic, I stated that there were only a few things that were certain in life, namely death, taxes and Motörhead delivering a balls to the wall, no holds barred, rocking studio album. Well, the same definitely holds true for Broken Teeth. A Broken Teeth record is akin to eating your comfort food of choice but perhaps peppered with a few hot spices on top. Broken Teeth‘s music has always been and still remains — as Bulldozer certainly proves — an in your face three chord extravaganza with frontman Jason McMaster screaming, preaching and shoving his lyrics straight down your mouth.

Broken Teeth will likely unfortunately never get their just due from a commercial success standpoint but for those who follow the group, it is one of the most consistent rock and roll bands out there in terms of coming up with straight forward rockers where compromise is non-existent. Bulldozer is a prime example of what Broken Teeth do best. All of the original songs from Broken Teeth on Bulldozer are pretty much no frills straight to the point hard rockers. As McMaster recently stated to me during an interview, “The feel of simple, almost one note song writing, became a passion.” Bulldozer consists of five original songs from Broken Teeth, two of which have already been released in the last couple of years as singles (“Devil On The Road” and “Flamethrower”), and two cover songs. The three new unreleased Broken Teeth tracks are fast paced rockers and all seem pretty similar in terms of pace and length. My favorite out of the five original Broken Teeth songs is “Devil On The Road” which has a bluesier very old school Twisted Sister feel to it and which is not quite as fast paced as the other Broken Teeth original offerings.

The intriguing inclusions on Bulldozer are the two cover songs. The first one is a cover of Aerosmith‘s 1982 gem “Lightning Strikes” which stays pretty true to the original but is contrasted by McMaster‘s gruffier vocal delivery compared to Steven Tyler‘s cleaner vocal performance. The second one is a cover song of Motörhead‘s 1980 ‘The Hammer.” I actually prefer Broken Teeth‘s cover to the original simply because McMaster has a bit more vocal variety to offer than the great Lemmy Kilmister, which only adds to the song. Both cover songs easily fit with the rest of the material on Bulldozer.

When it comes to writing simple riff based, no nonsense, fast paced rockers, Broken Teeth have to be considered at or near the top of the heap. Bulldozer will definitely not disappoint any Broken Teeth follower and will certainly help to ease the void until McMaster and company release more original material in the future.

Track List:
01. Raining Fire
02. Red River Rising
03. The Rough And The Tumble
04. Flamethrower
05. Lightning Strikes
06. Devil On The Road
07. The Hammer

Band Members:
Jason McMaster – vocals
Jared Tuten – guitars
David Beeson – guitars
Robb Lampman – bass
Bruce Rivers – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, October 2015

Broken Teeth – Flamethrower

Broken Teeth – Flamethrower 2013©2013 Written by Broken TeethA Jared Tuten ProductionRecorded @ Top Hat Studio Austin TX