Buckcherry – Black Butterfly

Buckcherry - Black Butterfly

Released on September 16, 2018
Chart Position #8

Track List:
01. Rescue Me
02. Tired Of You
03. Too Drunk…
04. Dreams
05. Talk To Me
06. A Child Called “It”
07. Don’t Go Away
08. Fallout
09. Rose
10. All Of Me
11. Imminent Bail Out
12. Cream
Fan Club Edition Bonus Tracks:
13. Nothing (demo)
14. Stayin’ High (demo)

Band Members:
Josh Todd – vocals
Keith Nelson – guitar, slide/acoustic/baritone guitars and backing vocals
Stevie D – guitar and backing vocals
Jimmy Ashhurst – bass, mandolin, finger cymbals and backing vocals
Xavier Muriel – drums, percussion and backing vocals

Produced by Keith Nelson and Marti Frederiksen.

Having built up a huge following over the years, Buckcherry have been riding on an all time high of popularity, particularly since their smash 2006 comeback record 15. On Black Butterfly Keith Nelson shares production duties with long-time Aerosmith cohort Marti Frederiksen, who also co-wrote the hit single ‘Sorry’ which was featured on the last album. Sticking to the formula of their success; riotous, whiskey-stained, sleaze-infested anthems and heart-felt power ballads, Black Butterfly does not disappoint.

Album opener ‘Rescue Me’ is a feisty, energetic affair, exposing the downsides of the rock n’ roll lifestyle, whilst ‘Tired Of You’, with its groovy guitar riffs, depicts an individual coming to terms with the imminent end of a relationship, due to the addictions and resultant behavior of their other half.

‘Too Drunk…’ is the first single to be released from this album and is most comparable to past offerings such as their first hit ‘Lit Up’ and their signature anthem ‘Crazy Bitch’. Focusing upon the themes that surround the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll lifestyle, it’s outrageous lyrics “I got so many women comin’ after me/I put some pussy on layaway” and a punchy guitar riff to go with it, mean ‘Too Drunk…’ will not disappoint those in search of one sordid, dirty, party anthem.

‘Dreams’ and ‘Don’t Go Away’ display the balladry prowess that Buckcherry are so good at, the latter being the second release from the album, and is probably the most heartfelt of them all. ‘Talk To Me’ incorporates scratchy guitar-led verses, depicting a loveless yet ‘physical’ relationship, whilst ‘A Child Called “It”‘ deals with the taboo issue that is child abuse and neglect, written from a child’s perspective. ‘Fallen’ is an all out rocker, much in the same way that ‘Imminent Bail Out’ is; grinding, heavy rhythm’s, accompanied by Josh Todd‘s signature growling vocals, and lyrically, both offerings illustrate a person with one hell of a chip on their shoulder.

‘Rose’ is quite the feel good anthem, providing a tribute to that special person in your life, whilst in addition to this, you have the acoustic ‘All Of Me’ which embraces a somewhat bluesy/country mantra, complementing the tender lyrics of the song. Finally we have album closer ‘Cream’. A stirring semi-ballad, it begins rather delicately, before launching into a surge of military-style drums, crunching power chords, and in particular, showcases Todd‘s vocal range in a way that many of the songs don’t do justice.

All in all, Black Butterfly does not let down. There is no doubt however that Buckcherry will come under fire from various critics, as some may perceive it as being ‘too safe’ and staying too much within their comfort zone. Yes, so maybe they are relying a little too much on the formula’s that made them the success that they are, but they’re giving their fans what they want, and what they expect; sleazy, good-time rock with swagger…and heart.

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Reviewed by Danielle ‘Fanny’ Lee for Sleaze Roxx, October 2008.

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