Buckcherry – Confessions

Buckcherry - Confessions

Buckcherry - Confessions

Released February 19, 2013 (Century Media/Eleven Seven Music)

Track List:
01. Gluttony
02. Wrath
03. Nothing Left But Tears
04. The Truth
05. Greed
06. Water
07. Seven Ways To Die
08. Air
09. Sloth
10. Pride
11. Envy
12. Lust
13. Dreamin Of You
Japanese Bonus Tracks:
14. Wherever I Go
15. Rescue Me
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
14. Give ‘Em What They Want
15. When The Fire Starts
Deluxe Edition Bonus DVD:
01. Gluttony (music video)
02. On The Set: Gluttony Video Shoot
03. The Story Behind Confessions
04. Gluttony (lyric video)

Band Members:
Josh Todd – vocals
Keith Nelson – lead guitar and backing vocals
Stevie D. – rhythm guitar and backing vocals
Jimmy Ashhurst – bass
Xavier Muriel – drums and percussion

Produced by Marti Frederiksen and Keith Nelson.

Buckcherry came back in 2006 when the core of the band, singer Joshua Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson, reformed after struggling to launch side projects. The duo reconvened and decided to fire Buckcherry up once again resulting in the successful 15 that spawned the radio hits “Crazy Bitch”, “Sorry” and “Next 2 You”. As they had done previously with their self-titled album Buckcherry toured extensively, landing a choice slot opening Motley Crue‘s inaugural ‘Cruefest’.

After solid touring behind 15, Buckcherry returned with two lackluster albums — Black Butterfly and All Night Long. Both efforts were equally forgettable aside from a couple of singles, so with two ‘lifeless’ albums under their belt what was next for Buckcherry? Would they break the cycle or be left for dead and implode once again? When I got wind that Buckcherry were recording a concept album I figured the end was near. When you think concept albums and rock music you think Pink Floyd, Queensryche, Iron Maiden… anyone but Buckcherry. And after Black Butterfly and All Night Long how could one not be skeptical?

The content of the band’s new album, entitled Confessions, is based on the ‘seven deadly sins’. The record is an energetic, hook heavy, gritty return to form for Buckcherry — surprisingly. Even if you don’t follow the concept, or care for that matter, you’ll be drawn in by the catchy and fiery collection of tunes found within. The first single, “Gluttony”, is an in-your-face “Lit Up” type rocker that has created a nice buzz around the record. Other standouts include “Wrath”, “Water”, “Seven Ways To Die”, “Nothing Left But Tears” and “The Truth”. The latter will be hailed as the best ballad that Buckcherry has recorded since “For The Movies.” There are two additional ballads on Confessions which aren’t as memorable — they sound forced, contrived, and are filler… there are no other words to describe them.

If you checked out on after the release of the previous two Buckcherry efforts, Confessions is a sign that Todd, Nelson and company are back — and you most certainly won’t be disappointed.


Reviewed by Ruben Mosqueda for Sleaze Roxx, February 2013

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