Buckcherry – Fuck

Buckcherry - Fuck

Released August 19, 2014 (F-Bomb Records)

Track List:
01. Somebody Fucked With Me
02. Say Fuck It
03. The Motherfucker
04. I Don’t Give A Fuck
05. It’s A Fucking Disaster
06. Fist Fuck

Josh Todd – vocals
Keith Nelson – guitar
Stevie D – guitar
Kelly LeMieux – bass
Xavier Muriel – drums

Additional Musicians:
Brian Baker – guitar solo (6)

Produced by Keith Nelson. Mixed by Joe Barresi.

Since their incredible 15 release back in 2006 Buckcherry have been in a bit of a funk, simply rehashing old concepts with diminishing results. I fully expected their latest EP Fuck to be the end of the road, a silly gimmick delivered by a band that has run out of fresh ideas. I wasn’t entirely wrong with my preconceived notions, but have to admit there are some killer moments on this contrived release.

  When Buckcherry strip themselves raw they are amongst the greats in today’s crowded hard rock scene, but when they pursue commercial success they begin to lose their identity. With this EP being called Fuck, and every song containing the swear word in its title, commercial aspirations are thankfully thrown out the window. “Somebody Fucked With Me” succeeds with its attitude, wailing guitars and screaming chorus, but fails with its Rage Against The Machine sounding verses — so I’m kind of torn between love and hate for the opener. “Say Fuck It” is more upbeat, contains some AC/DC inspired guitar work, pays homage to one of the band’s biggest hits (“Crazy Bitch”) and is overall enjoyable while “The Motherfucker” is standard Buckcherry fare, over-the-top and going for the throat, and is easily the best song on the EP. After a couple weak numbers comes the short punk-infused “Fist Fuck”, a simple yet effective turn on the Buckcherry sound that includes as solo from Junkyard‘s Brian Baker.

  There is no doubt a few of the songs found on Fuck will turn a live audience into frenzied head-bangers, and will certainly cater to teenagers who always need a reason to rebel. As a concept Fuck seems silly at best, but musically it isn’t as bad as one would imagine and will definitely get people talking about the band once again. Fuck has plenty of fist-in-the-air attitude and aggression, which has always been Buckcherry‘s selling point, but does it deliver enough to overlook the gimmick itself? I’ll let you be the judge of that.


Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, October 2014

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