Bullet – Bite The Bullet

Bullet - Bite The Bullet

Released in 2008 (Black Lodge)

Track List:
01. Pay The Price
02. Roadking
03. Bite The Bullet
04. Dusk Til Dawn
05. Nailed To The Ground
06. City Of Sins
07. Waste My Time
08. Rock N Roll Remedy
09. Rock Us Tonight
10. Wheels Keep On Turning
11. The Rebels Return

Band Members:
Hell Hofer – vocals and backing vocals
Hampus Klang – lead guitar and backing vocals
Erik Almstrom – lead guitar and backing vocals
Adam Hector – bass and backing vocals
Gustav Hjortsjo – drums and backing vocals

Additional Musicians:
Kvisten – backing vocals
Karla – backing vocals
Brottar Bjorn – backing vocals
Rovdjuret Staffan – backing vocals
Gasten – backing vocals
Erik Akerdahl – backing vocals
Filippa Nassil – backing vocals
Vincent – backing vocals
Martin Berntsson – backing vocals
Drangen – backing vocals
Filip – backing vocals
Jens Norberg – backing vocals
Calle – backing vocals

Recorded by Carl Johan Erlandsson and David Persson.
Mixed by Nicke Andersson and Stefan Boman.
Mastered by Henrik Jonsson.

Are you ready to bite? To biiiiite? The bullet! That line alone is worth the price of admission. Bullet is yet another Swedish band, but unlike so many of their teased-haired glam country mates these guys are like the country’s ugly stepchild – the black sheep of the family that gets locked in the cellar during family reunions. But that is exactly what makes Bullet so great, they are rough around the edges and fuse traditional metal with hard rock roots for an almost flawless collection of adrenaline driven songs.

Last year we had Airbourne to deliver such a sound, and this year Bullet have captured that same intensity and drive on their second full-length release Bite The Bullet. Vocalist Hell Hofer has one of the most unique voices since Accept‘s Udo Dirkschneider and has the unconventional looks to match. But music like this isn’t supposed to be pretty, it’s made to be played at full volume while speeding down the freeway on an eerily dark night.

Not often do I come across albums that are this consistently great, as each song Bite The Bullet is practically flawless. From the slow AC/DC build-up of “Pay The Price” to the final riffs of “The Rebels Return”, Bullet has delivered one of the best albums of 2008. The first five songs alone could be the best tracks on most current artist’s CDs, and here we have them all on one release. “Pay The Price” is completely over-the-top in the vocal department and is an instant anthem, while “Roadking” incorporates the sounds of a roaring engine into the Airbourne driven song. The title track might just be the best song to come out so far this year, as it is a short two and a half minutes of screaming fury with a simple yet effective guitar riff.

The fun doesn’t end there either, as “Dusk Til Dawn” is yet another unrelenting track followed closely by “Nailed To The Ground” which is as close to Accept as Bullet gets and succeeds with its blistering guitar work. At this point you hit the halfway mark of the album and when the short instrumental “City of Sins” hits you may begin to wonder if the band will take it easy from this point forward. Well think again, as “Rock N Roll Remedy” has a chorus that you could almost sing along to and “Rock Us Tonight” ups the ante yet again with even more headbanging riffage.

To say I enjoyed this album would be a monumental understatement. I don’t care if you are short on cash and have to stop eating in order to afford Bite The Bullet, hell I don’t even care if you have to starve your own children, this is a must have album!

www.bullet.nu – www.myspace.com/bulletsweden – www.blacklodge.se

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, November 2008.

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