Bullet Proof Lovers: ‘Bullet Proof Lovers’

bullet-proof-loversBULLET PROOF LOVERS
Released in 2014 (Ghost Highway Recordings)

Some reviews are easy to write. You hear a few tracks and just know what you are going to say. Bullet Proof Lovers provide simple often catchy rock n’ roll that is easy to review. Sophistication is definitely not one word that I would use to describe Bullet Proof Lovers‘ music. It’s just straightforward rock n’ roll with lots of hooks and a bit of a punk edge to it. Kurt Baker‘s vocals aren’t the greatest but at the same time they are mostly listenable all the way through. Baker seems to know his limitations and does not really extend himself out of his comfort zone. However, listening to him muddle through the verses of “Breaking Down” is borderline annoying.

The best parts on Bullet Proof Lovers‘ self-titled album are when the vocals stop and you can hear the really catchy yet simple guitar riffs offered by guitarists Luivi Costa and Juan Irazu. Their guitar solos are nothing to write home about and are sometimes just underwhelming such as on a track like “Never Too Loud” but their guitar riffs and melodies on the aforementioned track and a song such as “Nothing I Can Do” are really good. With only two of the seven songs clocking over three minutes, you know what you’re getting with Bullet Proof Lovers — fast paced simple rock n’ roll. The best tracks are the catchiest ones — “It’ll Be Alright,” “Nothing I Can Do” and “Never Too Loud.”

The problem with Bullet Proof Lovers is that the songs are so simple, and while catchy, aren’t that memorable. In other words, the songs are instantly likeable but seem to lack substance for me to want to listen to them over and over again. Would I enjoy hearing Bullet Proof Lovers‘ music live even if it was for the first time? Most likely yes. Will Bullet Proof Lovers‘ self-titled album be a go to record to listen to in the years to come? No. It’s simply a fun uncomplicated raw rock n’ roll album that is for the most part instantly likeable but which will likely get a bit boring to listen to after awhile.

Apparently, Bullet Proof Lovers are poised to release a new album entitled Shoot To The Heart so if you dig Bullet Proof Lovers, you likely won’t have to wait too long for another album.

Track List:
01. It’ll Be Alright
02. Leave Me Alone
03. She’s Gonna Leave
04. Breaking Down
05. Nothing I Can Do
06. Never Too Loud
07. Master Of My Destiny

Band Members:
Kurt Baker – vocals
Luiyi Costa – guitars, backing vocals
Juan Irazu – guitars, backing vocals
Gonzalo Ibañez – bass
Joseba Arza – drums

Additional Musicians:
Wyatt Funderburk – keyboards, backing vocals

Produced by Wyatt Funderburk
Recorded by Karlos “Txap” Osinaga
Additional vocals recorded by Christian Vela
Keyboards and some backing vocals recorded by Wyatt Funderburk
Mastered by Landon Arkens

Band Websites:

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, September 2016

Bullet Proof Lovers‘ “It’ll Be Alright” song:


Bullet Proof Lovers “It’ll Be Alright” from Ghost Highway Recordings LP “Bullet Proof Lovers”. Named COOLEST SONG IN THE WORLD on Little Steven’s Underground…