BulletBoys: ‘From Out Of The Skies’

Released on March 23, 2018 (Frontiers Music Srl)

Pretty much every LA band from the ’80s denies being a “hair band.” I’m not sure the BulletBoys fall too far outside that particular definition, but, I can say that back in 1988, I sure absorbed this band’s first release as something influential. It hit me as a combination of both hair metal and the new gutter rock that Skid Row and others were trying at that time.

Even the band’s pre-grunge effort Freakshow (1991) wasn’t too bad, although they were trying too hard by then to prove themselves.  BulletBoys have had a few albums since then, as well as a rotation in members, which have made me lose track of anything they’ve done as remotely interesting.

From Out Of The Skies is not really what I recall about the band. Whatever happened to the “One-Two-Fuck-You” thing?  A song like the title track seems a bit Bon Jovi, with a soaring, floating chorus. Look, I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s less reflective of their previous work than maybe something created by the Foo Fighers.  “Apocolypto” is a bit of a funky thing, offering a cool hard rock guitar intro, but falling short with falsetto vocals leading into a kinda boring incongruous heavy chorus. Does one prefer Electric Boys or Buckcherry?  This song forces you to choose.

“D-Evil” kicks off old-school with a great guitar and scream. It develops into a neo-punk offering, again similar to Buckcherry.   Not so sure about the overall delivery. Having flashbacks to Faith No More‘s vocals in the chorus. Overall, it’s trying too hard to be an alright track.

But then, geez. I loathe rock albums with more than one ballad. “Hi-Fi Drive By,” “Losing End Again,” “Switchblade Butterfly” and “Once Upon A Time” are totally weak offerings that complete the filler section. All I can compliment is Torien’s vocals on “Once Upon A Time” for exhibiting a semblance of enthusiasm.  Forty percent of this album immediately removes itself from my interest, not because of ballad, but due to bad ballad.

Other offerings, such as “What Cha Don’t” begin with a surely heavy metal power chord/cymbal slash hit, but lose that feeling immediately when the song suddenly falls apart into a 90s pop/rock song.  Marq goes after an Ozzy vocal feel that makes my ’90s memories even worse. The song is forgettable at best. Moving on, “P.R.A.B.” opens with a very clear Manson/Zombie digital vibe. What comes next has nothing to do with the intro, but I’m hearing outdated Moist at best. It tries to cut loose, but I think fails on all fronts. The song actually ends with the old Michael Jackson line…. “Mama Se Mama Sa Mama aqua sa”.  Um, ya.

I loved the BulletBoys’ first couple of albums.  Since then, they have become a bit of a stereotype.  They’ve had some personnel changeovers… What ’80s band hasn’t? I guess the question becomes, at what point should an ’80s band kill its old self and develop a new persona? I can think of a few. As is playing out with old members of RattL.A. Guns, etc. At what point should a band abandon its heritage name in order to free itself to play new material? Maybe a new band with Torien’s vocals would fare better than pretending to be old BulletBoys?

Track List:
01. Apocalypto
02. D-Evil
03. From out of the Skies
04. Hi-Fi Drive By
05. Losing End Again
06. Whatcha Don’t
07. P.R.A.B.
08. Sucker Punch
09. Switchblade Butterfly
10. Once Upon A Time

Band Members:
Marq Torien – vocals, lead guitar
Nick Rozz – rhythm guitar
Chad MacDonald – bass
Anthony “Tiny” Buiso – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Metal Mike for Sleaze Roxx, March 2018

BulletBoys‘ “D-Evil” video:

Bulletboys – “D-Evil” (Official Music Video)

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BulletBoys‘ “Apocalypto” song:

Bulletboys – “Apocalypto” (Official Audio)

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