Candy Harlots – Five Wicked Ways

Five Wicked Ways
Released 1992 (Virgin)

Track List:
01. Backstreet Boys
02. Sister’s Crazy
03. Danger
04. Cheat On Me
05. Where No One Dares
06. My Flame
07. The Lady Shakes
08. Wrap 2 Arms
09. The Wildest Way
10. What Are We Fightin’ For
11. Mercenary Baby
12. The Other Side Of Love
13. Devil’s Blues

Aiz Lynch – vocals
Phil Bowley – guitar and backing vocals
Peter Masi – guitar and backing vocals
Leeno Dee – bass and backing vocals
Tony Cardinal – drums and backing vocals

Even in the early 90’s it was a rarity to find an Australian sleaze metal band, but the Candy Harlots were one. The group had reached Top Forty success in their homeland with the Foreplay EP, but Five Wicked Ways was their attempt to make as much noise in the rest of the world.

  Rocking songs like “Danger”, “Cheat On Me”, “The Lady Shakes” and “The Wildest Way” played homage to musical influences such as AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. There are two good slower paced songs in “Where No One Dares” and “What Are We Fightin’ For”, and a nice acoustic number called “Devil’s Blues”. The band looked and sounded killer, but constant line-up changes led to an early demise and a bad case of unfulfilled potential. I give Five Wicked Ways two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, July 2003.

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